Palestinians injured as IOF aggressively disbands “longest human chain”

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Saturday came down heavily on a group of Palestinian activists who formed what they called “the longest human chain” around the Old City’s walls to push for the release of slain Palestinians’ bodies.

Hundreds of people participated in the protest despite the heavy presence of Israeli troops who fired sound bombs and tear gas canisters soon as the protesters gathered in the area.

The rally-goers demanded that the Israeli occupation authorities hand over bodies of those killed to their families so that they can bid them last farewell before their burial.

A PIC journalist said a number of protesters were injured and others were chased down and arrested by the occupation soldiers.

The demonstrators gathered near the Bab al-Sahira, raising photos of the slain Palestinians and lifting banners calling for releasing their bodies.

The protesters were attacked, as they advanced hand in hand, by the Israeli troops who violently disbanded the march using tear gas grenades and rubber bullets. Several activists were subjected to heavy beating in the assault.

Spokesperson for the families of slain Palestinians, Muhammad Alyan, said: “We formed the longest human chain to restore the bodies of our sons and daughters. The Israeli occupation does not have the right to withhold dead bodies. This is a policy of collective punishment and a poof of Israel’s inherently sadistic nature.”

Former Minister of Jerusalem Affairs, Hatem Abdul Kader, said Israel’s seizure of Palestinian bodies is a war crime against the victims and their families alike.

He vowed that Jerusalemites shall never remain mum over such crimes and will resort to all possible means to release the dead bodies.

According to the Red Crescent, at least 20 Palestinians were injured in the Israeli attack on the human chain.

The bodies of over 50 Palestinians killed by the occupation troops since early October have been withheld by the Israeli occupation, in a move dubbed by observers an attempt to snuff out the flames of anti-occupation activism among the Palestinians.

(Source / 27.12.2015)

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