Russia’s Assassination of Rebel Commanders is Deliberate Targeting of the Syrian Revolution

Over the past 24 hours, the Russian enemy and its collaborators; Assad’s and the Iranian militias, have assassinated a number of rebel commanders who participated in the Riyadh conference where they made a commitment to a political solution in Syria, endorsed by the UN Security Council in resolution 2254.

On Friday’s afternoon, the Russian air force assassinated Zahran Alloush, commander of Jaish al-Islam, and a group of rebel leaders in Rural Damascus. Earlier on the same day, the Russians also assassinated Hamdi Abu Zeid, head of the military council in Qudsaya and Abu Salmo, commander of the Unified Battalion in Shuhadaa’ al-Islam Brigade in the district of Darayya, along with three of his colleagues in the Islamic Union of Ajnad al-Sham.

Secretary of the political committee Anas al-Abdah said that Russia’s targeting of rebel leaders makes any talk about a political solution a mere “verbal hoax,” describing these assassinations as a heinous act that would thwart the negotiations and constitute a blow to the countries sponsoring a political solution.

Abdah pointed out that the liquidation of rebel leaders who made a commitment to a political solution would only play into the hands of terrorist organizations. It also contravenes the outcome of the Vienna talks, in which Russia participated, pushing the situation in Syria into further escalation.

Member of the Syrian Coalition Mohamed Khair Al-Wazir said that Russia is pursuing specific goals in Syria; namely preventing the downfall of Assad and helping him consolidate his grip on the areas under his control, especially in the capital Damascus. Russia’s assassination of rebel leaders coincides with an agreement between the Assad regime and ISIS to evacuate ISIS militants from the outskirts of Damascus Al-Raqqa province.

Al-Wazir urged all rebel groups in eastern Ghouta and its surroundings to close ranks and carry on with the task they set upon themselves until the Assad regime is overthrown and the Syrian people’s aspirations for freedom and dignity are achieved.

(Source: Syrian Coalition / 26.12.2015)

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