Activists: Israel executing Palestinians, harvesting their organs

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Palestinian activists and families of slain anti-occupation protesters slammed the Israeli occupation for executing their children and harvesting their organs after withholding their bodies for weeks.

A number of families refused to succumb to Israeli conditions to bury their slain sons and daughters without carrying out postmortem autopsy.

Other families succumbed to Israeli terms due to the pressure exerted by the occupation authorities and their eagerness to bury their children and bid them last farewell at the soonest time possible.

Head of the Quds Center for Legal Assistance in Nablus, Saher Sarsour, held the Israeli occupation accountable for stealing Palestinians’ organs.

“Israel has a long history of harvesting the organs of detained Palestinian cadavers. There should be a mechanism of some sort or a third party to carry out the autopsy and prove whether certain organs were stolen and whether people were cold-bloodedly killed from a zero distance,” Sarsur said.

The families of the killed Palestinians face tough conditions set by Israel in return for the bodies of their dead children, which some have accepted while others have rejected, while the international community remains silent regarding this inhumane Israeli practice.

One condition set by Israeli authorities is that families receive the bodies and bury them during the night, which prevents the family from conducting an independent autopsy to figure out the cause of death.

In many cases, Palestinian families are also forced to sign a number of documents written in the Hebrew language, which they do not understand.

Sarsur added that the Israeli occupation turned Palestinian cadavers into bargaining chips, ordering families to shell out fines amounting to $14,000 in the event they violated conditions of the delivery of the bodies.

At least 315 Palestinians have been withheld by the Israeli occupation authorities, 50 among whom detained since the outbreak of the Jerusalem Intifada in early October.

(Source / 26.12.2015)

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  1. Where is the UNO. United Nations now advance! Help the poor people now! Ban Israel, ban Netanjahu!! All the bloody warmongers !! Ban Israel! No politician be allowed to protect Israel anymore.

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