Syrian Coalition: Crimes Carried out by Assad and Russia Big Obstacle to Geneva Talks

The Syrian Coalition’s political committee convened earlier today to discuss the course of the Riyadh conference and the recently adopted UN Security Council resolution 2254.

Secretary of the political committee Anas al-Abdah said that massacres against civilians committed by Assad and Russia on a daily basis, including today’s massacre in the town of Hammoriya in rural Damascus, constitute a big obstacle to reaching a political solution in Syria. These acts prove that alleged commitment by Assad and his allies to the principle of negotiating a political solution is just a political maneuver designed to gain more time in power.

Earlier today, over 15 civilians were killed and many more wounded in airstrikes on Hammoriya. Activists said that many civilians remained buried under the rubble.

The political committee calls on the UN Security Council to take immediate action in order to deter Assad and Russia from targeting Syrian civilians. An Amnesty International report yesterday said that Russia’s targeting of civilians in Syria may amount to war crimes.

The committee underlines that negotiations in Geneva cannot be successful whilst massacres are committed on a daily basis against men women and children in Syria; massacres carried out by Assad assisted by the Russians whose aggression in Syria has not drawn a single condemnation by the United Nations.

(Source: Syrian Coalition / 24.12.2015)

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