Israel to hand over slain Jerusalemites’ bodies

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Israeli Intelligence Service agreed to hand over slain Jerusalemites’ bodies within the coming days, the lawyer Mohamed Mahmoud said Saturday.

In a session held in al-Maskoubiya police station, Israeli Intelligence informed the lawyer of its decision to hand over the Jerusalemite martyrs’ bodies to their families.

Over the past two months, the lawyer Mahmoud has sent, along with a group of lawyers, 80 letters to the Israeli Security Minister and submitted more than ten appeals to the Israeli public prosecution calling for the release of slain Palestinians’ bodies.

We didn’t appeal to the Israeli Supreme Court, the lawyer explained, for fear of losing the case and burying the bodies in what is known as the “Cemetery of Numbers” (a poorly managed site where many Palestinian bodies reportedly have been lost mainly due to negligence).

The Israeli police will stick to any order issued by the Supreme Court for years, he underlined.

“Handing over the martyr Hadil Awad’s body to her family on Friday confirms Israel’s serious intention to hand over all slain Jerusalemites’ bodies.”

Other meetings will be held over the few coming days to discuss Israeli conditions for handing over the bodies, the lawyer pointed out.

As part of its collective punishment policy against the Palestinian people, Israel has refused to deliver the bodies of 13 Jerusalemites including four children killed in occupied Jerusalem since the outbreak of Jerusalem Intifada on Oct.1.

(Source / 19.12.2015)

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