Israel is ‘protecting Jewish terrorists’ who burnt Palestinian family to death, alleges PA

Israeli settlers

The Palestinian Authority accused the “extremist Israeli occupation government” on Wednesday of continuing to protect the “Jewish terrorists” who burnt to death the Dawabsheh family in July and carried out several other crimes.

“This protection,” the PA alleged in a written statement, “was reflected by the remarks of the Israeli Defence Minister [Moshe] Ya’alon who flouted global public opinion when he said, ‘Weknow those responsible for burning and killing the Dawabsheh family, but we do not haveenough evidence to prosecute them.’” This, insists the PA, “proves that the Benjamin Netanyahu government continues its escalation and violence against the Palestinians instead of adopting the peace and negotiation pathway.”

In the same statement, the PA condemned the series of “field executions” of Palestinians and Israel’s hunting them inside schools and hospitals, as well as the demolition of Palestinian homes. The responsibility for these crimes lies with the Israeli government, it claimed. “Indeed, this is a cover-up for the failure of the Israeli government to invest in all chances of peace and negotiations as well as the failure to deal with Palestinian rights.”

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In conclusion, the PA called on the international community and the Middle East Quartet to bear their responsibility and “officially” and “overtly” blame the Israeli government for the failure of the negotiations and take the measures needed to guarantee the freedom and independence of a Palestinian state.

(Source / 18.12.2015)

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