FSA Denies Receiving Support From Russia.

The FSA’s Chief of Staff Brigadier General Ahmed Berri categorially denied Russia’s claims about supporting the FSA with weapons or air cover, stressing that these claims are baseless. He said that the Russians provided support for the Kurdish PYD militias.

At a press conference held earlier today at the headquarters of the Syrian interim government in Gaziantep, Turkey, Berri said that two Russian helicopters loaded with weapons and ammunition landed yesterday in Afrin; one of the PYD’s strongholds in northern Syria. “This is not the first time Russia provided equipment and logistical support for the PYD militias. We have already documented two shipments of weapons arriving in Afrin. A helipad has been recently built in this area for this purpose.”

The FSA’s Chief of Staff pointed out that Russia supports ISIS, directly and indirectly, as only 5% of the nearly 1200 airstrikes Russia carried out in Syria since late September were directed against ISIS.

Berri said that around 1,300 people, including women and children, have been killed so far in Russian aerial bombardments on Syria, adding that Russian air raids targeted schools and civic centres. “These air raids are a blatant aggression on our people. The Russian’s real goal is to prop up the Assad regime and prevent its downfall,” Berri stressed.

The interim Health Minister and head of the Turkmen National Movement Party, Mohammed Juma, said that over the past three days, Russian fighter jets targeted 23 health facilities with sophisticated missiles.

Juma added that 78 of the ministry’s staff have been killed so far whilst offering help to the victims of Assad’s and Russia’s war. Juma criticized the silence of international organizations over atrocities taking place in Syria.

(Source: Syrian Coalition / 16.12.2015)

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