By Ariyana Love
Palestinian journalists worked fiercely, around the clock, during the 2014 pogroms in Gaza, in their dedication to expose the Israeli Zionist occupation and its hellish war crimes and crimes against humanity, to the “free world.”
Working as one unified voice, the Gaza press made tremendous strides in counter terrorism, succeeding to break through to the global public with evidence of Israel’s atrocities that had not been previously achieved during the 2008/2009 and the 2012 pogroms.
Mahmoud Elian, Executive Officer, Al Sha’b Radio said:
“There was a distinct challenge this time in that the Palestinian media became a serious counter weapon versus the Western dominated Israeli media and narrative. We were able to refute the message of lies and manipulation of the truth this time.”
Working in close collaboration, every time Israel would override one station’s signal, other news agency’s allowed that station to broadcast from their own station. They made it clear that when one media station was targeted, the whole Gaza radio network would be the unified voice of Palestine. They succeeded this time in making the truth in war prevail, successfully countering many of the lies broadcasted as Israeli propaganda on a global scale.
During the 51 days, I had the honor of working with several Palestinian journalists and brave citizens in Gaza, who volunteered to translate all breaking news from the Palestinian news agencies as it was being released to the public. I then conveyed the news to the “free world,” through social media, online.
I learned the intimate details of the Israeli narrative lies, in contrast to Palestine’s fair and honest reporting. My knowledge of occupation, siege and the legitimacy of resistance deepened and I became familiar with Hamas ethics of war that defy the Israeli narrative, their Resistance strategies, legitimacy and the overall legitimacy of resistance in relation to international law.
I became witness to the deliberate targeting of civilians in a variety of barbaric forms, including the complete targeting of civilian infrastructure in Gaza.
I witnessed the deceptive reports by the Israeli Ministry, Israeli media and the omission of facts by the global media, as well as a complete refusal to report Zionist crimes, except in the form of “damage control” through the whitewashing of Zionist crimes in order to protect Israel’s image in the mainstream.
I watched President Obama and Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon flat out lie for Israel’s “security” condemning the entire Palestinian population to genocidal pogroms, even when solid evidence that countered Israeli lies, was circulating on social media by the Resistance in Gaza.
Without the Palestinian press, the general public would still be in the dark to the extent of the Israeli crimes against humanity.


Israeli "Navy Seals" invade Gaza from Sodania Beach in North
Eastern Gaza, during Israel's failed ground invasion July 
13th, 2014

I witnessed and reported the first moments of ground invasion by Israeli Special Forces on the night of July 13th when Israeli “Navy Seals” attempted to invade from Gaza’s North Eastern shore at Sodania beach. 5 Israeli “Seals” were killed but mainstream was silent.


Israel made a second attempt at ground invasion in the Northern boarder of Gaza two hours later, followed by an epic failure and retreat hours later.


The attempted Israeli ground invasion was reported by The Palestine Telegraph.
Mainstream media also refused to report the Palestinian Resistance other victories on the battlefield, such as Al Qassam Brigades later successful ambushes of Israeli occupation forces in Rafah and Al Shujaiyeh neighborhood.
The illegal Colonization of indigenous, Native people’s has been achieved throughout history in the very same way, by first controlling the occupied people’s finances (economy and trade) and second, by controlling their image in the media. But last summer, the Palestinian press in Gaza made history.
In a Press TV Documentary titled: Israel Unpunished: Eyes of Truth, Palestinian journalists reveal that through their unified efforts to report on Israel’s crimes, they were able to break through to the free world, who stood witness to the worst pogroms since the Nazi Germans ruled Europe.
Decisions and orders to target the entire civilian infrastructure, including the obliteration of 87 entire families from the face of the Earth while inside their very own homes, came directly from the highest levels of Government within the Israeli Ministry.
“We have lost 18 brothers (journalists) from the family of the press in Gaza,” explains Sharif Al Nairab, a member of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate, “If journalists didn’t put their lives on the line to expose Israel’s crimes, if they did not succeed in this mission to be the messengers of the occupied people’s, then they would have not have been targeted by the Israeli army. I think the Palestinian press succeeded in their endeavors. That shows their love for their homeland.”
Please take the time to watch this powerful and revealing 30-minute video by Press TV.

Israel Unpunished: Eyes of truth:

(Source / 14.12.2015)

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