Live of a prisoner

By Sami Bedouin

I heard that one of our international activists in Palestine was arrested and she’s in the zionist jail of “Ofer” near Ramallah now. I heard that she was tortured and interrogated of who, where and how and I hope she is strong enough to survive and get out soon to tell the story of the zionist interrogation techniques.

This diagram is of a typical detention cell in the Occupied Palestinian territories … inside “israel” the detention cells are much different as I have been in both:

The detention cell typically is 1.5 meters in 2 meters that is barely sufficient for 2 beds (sometimes they put three detainees) and one of the beds touches the “toilet” .. the bed is usually tattered and dirty bed and two blankets with, or mostly without, a cushion.

the “toilet” is open .. and it is designed to be closed from somewhere outside to overflow every now and then, in order to disturb the detainees life and keep them busy in trifles.

The door is narrow and made of armored steel and has a narrow opening in it that open out and only controlled from out … the window is some 20 * 40 centimeters and high that you cant reach … mostly over 2 meters high and that’s why the cell takes the shape and the feeling of “bottomless well” ..

Probably the best thing in jail is to have a “cell-mate” and the worst is to be left completely alone for weeks or months !!

Please pray for our friend to get out soon and be free.

(Facebook / 13.12.2015)

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