Calls for Friday of Anger in support of Jerusalem Intifada

WEST BANK, (PIC)– Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, called on Palestinians in the West Bank to participate in massive marches after Friday prayers in support of Jerusalem Intifada.

Hamas called on the residents of al-Khalil governorate to participate in the massive march after Friday prayers in al-Haras mosque in support of Jerusalem Intifada and in celebration of the anniversary of the first Intifada and the inception of Hamas Movement.

Hamas also called on Palestinian factions and youth groups in Ramallah and al-Bireh governorate to take part in the massive march at Beir El checkpoint and to cover the event in the media.

In Nablus, the professional syndicates association declared a campaign to collect donations in support of the families whose homes were demolished by Israeli forces. The campaign for the reconstruction of demolished houses called for performing Friday prayers at al-Shuhada Roundabout in downtown Nablus as an expression of loyalty to martyrs.
(Source / 10.12.2015)

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