640 Civilians Killed in Two Months of Russian Aggression

The Russian aggression on the Syrian people completes its second month today. Yesterday saw the latest massacre caused by Russia’s air force, when over 40 civilians were killed and many more injured in a Russian airstrike on a marketplace in the town of Ariha in rural Idlib. Russian airplanes also hit aid convoys, for a third consecutive time, in the border town of Azaz. 6 people were killed and 18 others injured.

According to figures gathered by the Syrian Coalition’s media office, 3,330 civilians across Syria have been killed since Russia and Iran stepped up their support to Assad last September. The number includes 640 civilians killed as a result of Russian bombardment.

In two months, the Russian air force has flown around 3,668 sorties over Syria, 94% of which were aimed at the Free Syrian Army and the civilian population in the liberated areas. Only 6% of the Russian air strikes targeted ISIS positions.

November saw Russia’s use of more powerful and deadly weapons against civilians, including the use of phosphorous bombs and cluster munitions, both internationally banned. The air strikes have destroyed vital infrastructure and medical facilities. Among the civilian targets hit by the Russian warplanes are 3 schools, 14 hospitals, 2 markets, a water treatment facility, a bus station, and pharmaceutical and food processing plants.

Member of the General Assembly Riad Seif said that Russia must stop its aggression and completely withdraw its troops from Syria, adding that the Russian aggression undermines international efforts aimed at resolving the conflict by reaching a political settlement.

Osama Abu Zeid, The FSA legal adviser, said that two months of the Russian aggression on Syria failed to achieve its objective to prop up Assad as regime forces backed by the Hezbollah militia and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Coups have so far failed to make any strategic gains against rebel fighters.

(Source: Syrian Coalition / 30.11.2015)

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