General Assembly Stresses Geneva I Communique as Basis for Future Negotiations

The Syrian Coalition political committee gave an overview of the latest General Assembly’s meeting to representatives of the Friends of the Syrian people group. It emphasizes the Geneva I Communique as a point of reference in any future negotiations with the Assad regime aimed at establishing a transitional governing body with full powers and free from Assad and his ruling elite to lead the country to restore stability and fight terrorism.

The meeting, which was held earlier today, discussed the repercussions of downing the Russian plane, the Vienna statement, and the upcoming Riyadh Conference which will bring together spectra of the Syrian opposition to lay out a unified vision about Syria’s future. Conferees also discussed a forming a negotiating team representing the Syrian opposition.

The Turkish representative to the Syrian opposition presented an explanation of the details of Turkey’s downing of the Russian aircraft yesterday. Members of the political committee reviewed reports from the Free Syrian Army factions on the Russian pilots who parachuted over northern Latakia and the subsequent destruction of a Russian helicopter in the area.

The Turkish representative reiterated his country will continue to support the Syrian people’s demands, while representatives of the Friends of the Syrian People Group stressed that these incidents will strengthen the resolve of the conferees in future Vienna meetings to reach a just political solution to achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people.

The representatives reaffirmed their full support for the Syrian Coalition, praising the Syrian Coalition’s role in supporting the political process. They expressed hope that the Syrian Coalition will help unify the Syrian opposition’s vision in the upcoming Riyadh conference.

(Source: Syrian Coalition / 25.11.2015)

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