Palestinian detainee fighting for life in Israeli jail

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Rights groups have raised alarm bells over the exacerbated health status of prisoner Bassem Ameen al-Sayeh, who has been fighting for his life in the Israeli prison clinic of al-Ramla.

The prisoners’ media office said quoting other sources that prisoner Bassem fell into a one-day coma in Petah Tikva investigation center and that he lost his consciousness again due to the harsh physical torture perpetrated by the investigation officers.

Cancer-stricken inmate Bassem has also been diagnosed with cardiovascular disorders and stomachaches inflicted by the harsh psycho-physical pressure he has been subjected to in the early investigation stages, during which he has often been tied up to investigation chairs for over 20 hours.

The detainee was quoted as speaking out against the threats and frequent blackmails made by the Israeli wardens in an attempt to force confession.

At least 20 Palestinian detainees have been through dire detention circumstances and critical physical conditions in the Ramla prison. A number of detainees have had their feet amputated; other inmates have had their legs broken during investigation; and others have even caught quadriplegia.

Bassem’s wife, Mona, was arrested by the Israeli occupation forces on April 15, 2015 following an assault on her family home. Mona, suffering from a colonic disease and osteopathy, is still held in Israeli investigation lock-ups and has been brought eight times before the occupation courts.

Bassem’s family has held the Israeli occupation responsible for the sharp deterioration in their son’s health status.

The family said the Israeli court extended Bassem’s remand in absentia under the pretext of underway investigation procedures.

The Israeli occupation authorities have slapped visit bans on Bassem’s parents and relatives since October 8.

The family members appealed to the Red Cross and other human rights institutions to urgently step in and urge the Israeli occupation to release cancer-stricken Bassem before it is too late.

(Source / 19.11.2015)

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