Condemnation of Israeli crimes in Germany

BERLIN, (PIC)– Many of the German cities witnessed events in solidarity with the Palestinian people and in condemnation of Israeli violations and crimes including killing of Palestinians and storming hospitals in the West Bank.

The activities included condemnation of terrorist Paris attacks; French flags were raised in solidarity with the victims.

The Palestinian Assembly in Germany in cooperation with Palestinian, Muslim and Arab organizations arranged on Saturday a march in Germany’s capital Berlin. The march was for the demand of halting the Israeli policy of abuse and killing of Palestinians and for prosecuting Israel for its crimes in accordance to international laws.

On Friday, November 13, a demonstration was arranged in Hamburg City, while a gathering was organized in Stuttgart by the Palestinian Assembly in Germany. The demonstrators demanded the German government and international community to bear responsibility toward Israeli aggressive practices against Palestinians.

The president of the assembly Dr. Suhail Abu Shamalah expressed his concern over the increasing pace of Israeli attacks which mounted to risky levels. He warned of the continuation of storming of Palestinian hospitals by Israeli Special Forces under different pretexts.
(Source / 15.11.2015)

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