Two killed on Tuesday; 82 Palestinians, Including 18 Children Killed Since October 1st

Two Palestinians were killed on Tuesday by Israeli army gunfire in two separate attacks in the West Banks.

Ziyad Gharbiyah

Ziyad Gharbiyah killed by Israeli troops at a checkpoint near Bethlehem on Tuesday

At Al Mosrara in occupied Jerusalem, Israeli soldiers shot and killed 37-year-old Mohamed Abed al Nimier, on Tuesday midday, allegedly after trying to stab troops. The circumstances of his death remains unknown.

After killing Mohamed, Israeli forces invaded the town of Eswayia and ransacked his family home there casing damage.

Later on Tuesday, a Palestinian youth died on wounds he sustained after he was shot by Israeli troops at the Container checkpoint north of Bethlehem in southern West Bank.

Ziyad Gharbiyah, from Sanour village in Jenin, was shot by Israeli troops while crossing the checkpoints. According to the Israeli army, he tried to stab soldiers manning the checkpoint. The circumstances behind shooting Ziyad is still unclear.

The Container checkpoint divide the north from southern West Bank. shortly after the killing of Ziyad Israeli soldiers closed the checkpoint and did not allow thousands of Palestinians from crossing it.

With the two killed today, the number of Palestinians who have been killed by the Israeli army since October 1, have reached 82, including 18 children and 4 women, the Palestinian ministry of health reported on Tuesday.

Moreover the ministry report showed that 8500 Palestinians have been injured since October 1 in Gaza and the West Bank. Of those 1250 were injured by Israeli troops live gunfire, while 1015, were hit by rubber-coated steel bullets. In addition 1000 injured by rubber-coated steel bullets were treated by field medics, the ministry said.

(Source / 10.11.2015)

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