Israeli Peace Activist Miko Peled: ‘Israel Has Declared War On Palestinian Children’

MintPress editor-in-chief Mnar Muhawesh goes “Behind the Headline” with the author and Israeli peace activist about the recent uptick in violence in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza and what the mainstream media coverage misses by ignoring Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestine and apartheid policies.

Israeli activist Mike Peled in handcuffs during a protest in Palestine.

Israeli activist Mike Peled in handcuffs during a protest in Palestine

MINNEAPOLIS — Unease in the Holy Land could soon reach a breaking point, if they haven’t already. Tensions dialed up when Israel started restricting Palestinian access to Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem last month. At the same time, Israel — which doesn’t even actually control the compound — allowed Israeli settlers to storm the premises.

They left the mosque’s carpet burned and the holy site in ruins, leading to clashes that have brought Muslim and Christian Palestinian activists from Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank into the streets in protest. Some are calling this the third intifada, or popular uprising, against Israeli apartheid and occupation.

There were over 130 attacks committed by Israeli settlers against Palestinians, including children and teens, in just the first week of October. At least 10 Israelis and 61 Palestinians were killed last month, and that number, unfortunately, continues to rise.

Amnesty International has called for an end to Israel’s extrajudicial executions of Palestinians after several of incidents were caught on camera, with victims ranging from unarmed teens to adults.

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(Source / 09.11.2015)

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