Palestine: 800 children detained during the past month

Israeli army arresting Palestinian youth

Israeli army arresting Palestinian youth. [File photo]

The Prisoners’ Affairs Authority affiliated to the Palestinian Authority (PA) has stated that it documented 800 cases in which Palestinian minors were arrested during the past month, mostly in Jerusalem.

The authority asserted on Tuesday that this extraordinary number of arrests has not been seen in many years, as the average number of child arrest cases ranges between 700 and 900 annually.

The report also detailed the treatment ofPalestinian children in detention, including the use of torture and other mistreatment such as the use of minors as human shields during arrests; insults and threats during interrogations; the transfer injured people to interrogation centres despite their poor health; forcing children to make confessions; solitary confinement, and the deprivation of visits by families and lawyers.

The authority also explained that targeting children came in accordance with Israeli law, regulations and official instructions, and under the slogan of “no immunity for stone-throwers”.

(Source / 04.11.2015)

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