Israeli troops ravage Palestinian homes, step up collective punishment

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) Tuesday evening broke into Palestinian civilian homes in the southern West Bank province of al-Khalil and blocked Palestinians’ free movement out of and into Jenin city.

Spokesperson for the local anti-settlement committee, Mohamed Awad, said an Israeli army patrol stormed three Palestinian family homes in al-Khalil’s town of Beit Ummar, and wreaked havoc on the buildings.

Violent clashes flared up in al-Khalil’s southwestern town of Beit Awa after the Israeli occupation troops attacked Palestinian civilians with heavy spates of tear gas canisters.

Scores of Palestinians reportedly choked on tear gas in the clashes.

Such arbitrary home break-ins make part of an Israeli policy of collective punishment aimed at cracking down on Palestinian anti-occupation activists and their families in the occupied West Bank.

The IOF stepped up its preplanned policies of collective punishment in Jenin city, closing the Jalama checkpoint and denying Palestinians living inside the Green Line the right to enter or exit Jenin on allegations of stabbing attempts.

The IOF further blocked the free movement of Palestinian shoppers and merchants in Jenin, sparking further tension across the West Bank.

(Source / 04.11.2015)

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