Assad Regime Continues to Use Barrel Bombs Despite Russia Denial

The Assad regime’s air force dropped 30 barrel bombs on several areas across Syria, most of which hit the district of Darayya near Damascus on Saturday. These attacks came just one day after Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin’s announcement that the Assad regime stopped the use of barrel bombs in shelling rebel-held areas.

In addition to Darayya, which was hit with 20 barrel bombs, Assad’s air force dropped four barrel bombs on each of Namir and Jassim in rural Dara’a, and one on the village of Al Twainah in rural Hama, causing civilian casualties, including women and children.

Member of the Syrian Coalition Hawas Khalil said this seriously discredits the Russians who are trying to market themselves as guarantors of the Assad regime, pointing out that Churkin’s announcement is devoid of any real value.

Khalil added that the latest barrel bomb attacks confirm that Russia supports a regime that uses indiscriminate weapons to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Member of the Syrian Coalition Ahmed Awad stated that the French draft resolution regarding the prevention and criminalization of the use of barrel bombs has become more necessary than ever, stressing that the Russians must not block the resolution, especially as they has announced that Assad is no longer using these weapons.

Awad pointed out that if Russia vetoes the UN resolution, this will represent a further recognition by the Russians that the Assad regime is still using this highly indiscriminate and deadly weapon.

(Source: Syrian Coalition / 02.11.2015)

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