Abbas at CIDI delegation: No boycott of Israel

(President Abbas during his trip in Netherlands)

Press Release CIDI / 30.10.2015

At the invitation of CIDI today a delagation had a half-hour interview with Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority, and Saeb Erekat, Secretary General of the PLO. In the conversation, the delegation made its concerns regarding the current violence in Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

The twenty-strong delegation was pleased with this opportunity to enter into dialogue with the PA. CIDI adressed Abbas to cases of Palestinian incitement that contribute to violence and expressed its concerns about the recent attempt to annex Jewish holy sites via an UNESCO resolution.

Abbas acknowledged that there is a Palestinian incitement, without taking explicit distance. As he put it: “We are willing to stop the incitement of all sides in a trilateral commission.”

The delegation wondered what was the support of the Palestinian Authority in order to guarantee a possible peace treaty. “When I leave, the Palestinian institutions continue to exist,” said Abbas.

Abbas said he opposes a boycott of Israel, on the contrary, he invited all Arab states to “unfurl  their flag in the capital.”

Although major differences between the two delegations remained,  CIDI director Hanna Luden was pleased to have this opportunity to combat polarization and bringing parties closer together.

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