By Ariyana Love
The Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, (ISIS Mossad wing) has been keeping a security secret.
Breaking news was passed to me by a reporter named Yousef M. Al-Attar, from Alghad News in Ramallah yesterday. Alghad News was given exclusive information from an anonymous member of the Palestinian Intelligence (PA), that Hamas had planned this recent uprising, or 3rd Intifada.  I was told that Israel will launch a new war on Palestine and Gaza in the next few weeks. 
Muhannad-HalabiMohannad Halabi
When the first Palestinian youth was killed in the beginning of October, 19-year-old Mohannad Halabi’s execution kick-started a new uprising of the Palestinian people, who are completely fed up with the humiliation and torture of the illegal Zionist occupation.
Mohannad, a law student was accused of stabbing an illegal Israeli settler and was shot on the spot and killed by the Israeli police. This is a common story used by the regime to cover it’s cold-blooded executions of Palestinian youth. The latest Euro-Med Monitor report isolated 8 recent incidents where Palestinian youth were murdered by Zionist Occupation Forces and in each incident, they were innocent. Israeli Zionists also planted evidence (knives) at the crime scene, as caught on camera. In some instances, Palestinian youth have used knives against Israeli’s, but the majority of Palestinian executions are without just cause.
The police took Mohannad’s cellphone from his pocket. They found that the last call Mohannad made was to a famous Hamas leader in Gaza, revealing that the recent uprising or “3rd Intifada” was planned by Hamas.
The V.I.P refused to tell his name and Israel also has not reveal any names. But what’s more important, Israel has told this secret to the UN, Egypt, Jordan, the PA, the USA and Germany. It explains the recent, urgent meetings which have been taking place regarding Palestine. But it’s not Palestine’s security these nations are concerned about.
UN secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, eager to please the Zionist regime, came to the Israeli Knesset and signed his support for Israel to start a new war on Gaza and Hamas.
Next, Kerry went to Israel and to the West Bank to stop all U.S. financial aid to Palestine. He also came to give Israel the green light to start a war on Palestine and Gaza.
Netanyahu was in Germany yesterday. He met with ambassadors of many European countries in cooperation with the CIA. They were there to give him approval to start a new war on Palestine.
Kerry and Abbas were in Jordan Monday. They met the Jordanian king and many Egyptian Intelligence officials. They all gave Israel the green light to declare a war on Palestine in the few next weeks in reply to Hamas’s plans in the West Bank.

AIPAC Legislative Agenda

The secretary-general of the UN, Ban Ki-Moon has no such authority to approve an act of war. The Security Council and the General Assembly have to vote on a resolution advocating this act of war first. If the General Assembly approves the war, one member of the five original members of the Security Council (France, US, UK, Russia and China) can veto the war resolution.
John Kerry was elected because of his long time acceptance of AIPAC channeled election campaign funds. Kerry can carry a message from President Obama that the US would not intervene if Israel wants to start another bloody assault on Gaza and the West Bank. He can also say that the US will not use its veto at the Security Council if the UN says war is permissible. So, which path will he choose? The path of war crimes, or human justice? I think we already know the answer to that.
You can see here, the U.S. House of Representatives loyalty to political Zionism and U.S. Congress acceptance of pro-Israeli campaign contributions to get elected through the AIPAC legislative agenda and sponsored bills. And these are the Bills supported which are pro-Israeli.
Until recently, the AIPAC Legislative Agenda, was referred to as “Restricting Funds for the Palestinian Authority,” but is now referred to as “Demand an End to Palestinian Incitement,” with entirely one-sided “claims.”
AIPAC also asked to Support Security Assistance to Israel, which Obama granted an additional 1 billion dollar bonus to Israel, in addition to the already 3.5 billion U.S. tax payers dollars each year.

House of Representatives (Congress)

H.R. 1337 – Palestinian Accountability Act
International affairs. 113th Congress (2013-2014) View bill details
Sponsor: Ron DeSantis
Summary: To restrict funds for the Palestinian Authority, and for other purposes. (by CRS) 
Status: The bill has been referred to committee.


Germany has a big sales agreement with Israel right now for four warships. 480 million USD, to purchase four new German-built but Israeli-equipped Sa’ar-6 corvettes ships in May.
Germany is told that they will receive future sales from US contingent on this sale to Israel. Therefore Germany is going to side with Israel and the US.

Jordan And Egypt

Jordan and Egypt have peace treaties with Israel. Jordan and Egypt depend on American aid, which if you look at who promoted these peace agreements with Israel, is the United States. They are compelled to comply with the US to keep this aid. Israel is protected by the US.
This is about the money.

Palestinians Right To Resist Occupation & International Law

Put into perspective:
Germany occupied Europe beginning in 1939. France became occupied by Germany in 1942 in the northern zone of France with the Vichy Government colluding with German occupation in the southern zone.
Since 1942, the French Resistance has been revered for fighting Germany in France and saving countless lives because the French had the right to resist their occupation with force.
Palestine is no different. Palestine has the right to resist it’s occupation and Hamas is a legitimate resistance organization for Palestine.
Hamas was founded in 1987 to resist the Israeli occupation of Gaza, which was in its 20thyear then.
Hamas was taken off the European Union Court list of terrorist organizations, September of last year for complying repeatedly with the “rules of engagement” of war.
Uprisings and resistance to occupation are legal under the 4th Geneva Conventions. Occupation is actually considered illegal, however when occupation happens, war law kicks in:
jus ad bellum and jus in bello which means that the right to war may be illegal but the proper right to conduct war must be respected
In lay terms: war must be fought with respect to international law and civilian rights, even if the war is started illegally.
Therefore occupied populations must be protected.
If Hamas did in fact initiate this present uprising of the people, that is 100% their legal and ethical right to do so. As Middle East political analyst Aijaz Syed explained in his article,PALESTINE, REVOLT OF THE OPPRESSED, this uprising is still very much a spontaneous revolt of the oppressed people of Palestine. 
During Israel’s inhuman assault on Palestine and Gaza last summer, the Palestinian Resistance movements showed a portion of their strength to the Zionist regime, but not all of it. Their tunnels penetrate every inch of the land of Palestine and the truth is, Israel has no idea of their true capabilities since receiving military support from Iran. Israeli’s were in total shock to discover Resistance Freedom Fighters popping up out of the ground all around the Israeli occupied territories. Palestinian Freedom Fighters could have taken back parts of their land, at any of the illegal settlements, but they didn’t want to show their true abilities.. just yet.

Occupation and international humanitarian law: questions and answers: 

What are the most important principles governing occupation and how is Israel violating the Palestinian population by not complying with these principles? These violations compel the occupied population to resist.
 The duties of the occupying power are spelled out primarily in the 1907 Hague Regulations (arts 42-56) and the Fourth Geneva Convention (GC IV, art. 27-34 and 47-78), as well as in certain provisions of Additional Protocol I and customary international humanitarian law.
Agreements concluded between the occupying power and the local authorities cannot deprive the population of occupied territory of the protection afforded by international humanitarian law (GC IV, art. 47) and protected persons themselves can in no circumstances renounce their rights (GC IV, art. 8).

The main rules of law applicable in the case of occupation:

  • The occupant does not acquire sovereignty over the territory.
  • Occupation is only a temporary situation, and the rights of the occupant are limited to the extent of that period.
  • The occupying power must respect the laws in force in the occupied territory, unless they constitute a threat to its security or an obstacle to the application of the international law of occupation.
  • The occupying power must take measures to restore and ensure, as far as possible, public order and safety.
  • To the fullest extent of the means available to it, the occupying power must ensure sufficient hygiene and public health standards, as well as the provision of food and medical care to the population under occupation.
  • The population in occupied territory cannot be forced to enlist in the occupier’s armed forces.
  • Collective or individual forcible transfers of population from and within the occupied territory are prohibited.
  • Transfers of the civilian population of the occupying power into the occupied territory, regardless whether forcible or voluntary, are prohibited.
  • Collective punishment is prohibited.
  • The taking of hostages is prohibited.
  • Reprisals against protected persons or their property are prohibited.
  • The confiscation of private property by the occupant is prohibited.
  • The destruction or seizure of enemy property is prohibited, unless absolutely required by military necessity during the conduct of hostilities.
  • Cultural property must be respected.
  • People accused of criminal offences shall be provided with proceedings respecting internationally recognized judicial guarantees (for example, they must be informed of the reason for their arrest, charg ed with a specific offence and given a fair trial as quickly as possible).
  • Personnel of the International Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement must be allowed to carry out their humanitarian activities. The ICRC, in particular, must be given access to all protected persons, wherever they are, whether or not they are deprived of their liberty.


What is the just solution for the security of the Palestinian people while they exercise their Right to Resist Occupation? The answer is simple. Palestine needs an International Protection Force, immediately.


Several international human rights groups have joined forces to do a 3 week long social media campaign on Twitter, Facebook, together with MER, to raise our voices for Palestine and demand from the UN and the U.S. Government that an International Protection Force be sent to Palestine to protect the Palestinian people against occupation and the increased Israeli aggressions.
Please take action now and sign both our petitions addressed to UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon and Pres. Obama. Our politicians may be corrupt, but our voices will be heard, non the less. Social media campaigning is very powerful because we have the ability to reach and be heard directly by our leaders. We can all be part of Resistance, standing on the right side of history.
MER will be updating you on our 3-week social media campaign. Updates will also be published on 4PalKids website.

(Source / 29.10.2015)

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