Israeli jets target two Hamas sites after rocket fired from Gaza

An Israeli air force F-15I fighter jet. © Nir Elias

An Israeli air force F-15I fighter jet

The Israeli Air Force carried out a strike against two “Hamas terror sites” in southern and central Gaza after a rocket launched from the territory landed in Israel. The rocket did not cause any casualties.

No one has taken responsibility for Monday’s launch from Gaza so far.

Last year 450 rockets were fired at Israel’s from Gaza, and a rocket from the territory landed in the south of the country last Wednesday.

The Sheikh Omar Hadid Brigades, a pro-Islamic State Salafist group operating inside Gaza, which claims that Hamas members are “traitors” and “collaborationists”, has been behind most of the recent attacks, in what the IDF says is an attempt to provoke Israel into responding.

Aanval Gaza 261015

However, Israeli officials hold Hamas responsible for any attacks originating from Gaza, with IDF spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner saying that the group should face “consequences” if it cannot enforce its responsibilities.

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“The intolerable reality of civilians continually living under the threat of Gaza rockets is unacceptable, unbearable and must stop,” Lerner said. “Hamas must enforce their responsibilities or face the consequences. We will act against those that attack us and hold those that enable attacks against Israel accountable.”

(Source / 26.10.2015)

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