The other occupation: Settlers terrorize Palestinians of the West Bank

11th October 2015 | International Solidarity Movement, Al-Khalil team | Hebron, occupied Palestine

It was another emotional day for Palestinians in al-Khalil, (Hebron) after the burial of martyr Muhammad al-Jabari who was shot to death by Israeli forces near the entrance to the illegal Kiryat Arba settlement.

Thousands filled the streets as the body of the 19 year old boy was carried through the masses up to the martyr’s cemetery which is the same cemetery where 18 year old unarmed Palestinian female student Hadeel Hashlamoun was laid to rest after being shot to death at the checkpoint yawning into segregated Shuhada Street.

Immediately beyond the service, Palestinians gathered in the Bab al-Zawiya section of Khalil for a demonstration against the Israeli occupation forces use of violence which has now claimed the lives of nearly 20 young Palestinians in just one week.  The demonstration was met with extreme violence by the Israeli military which settlers in the Tel Rumeida neighborhood gathered to watch on Saturday afternoon.

The Shamsiyyeh family’s home has long been the target of violence from Israeli settlers who have thrown rocks and other debris as well as poisoning their water tanks on several occasions and even cutting their water pipes on the roof.  Today, settlers again filed onto the family home’s roof to watch the Israeli military assault on Palestinians in Bab al-Zawwiya, some armed with machine guns.

Israeli occupation forces predictably did nothing to calm the situation or remove the settlers from the roof of the family home. One settler sprayed pepper spray from the roof, gassing the family and subsequently himself.  Israeli forces allowed him to leave with the pepper spray without asking a single question.

Israeli settler pointing his gun at Palestinian families

Israeli settler pointing his gun at Palestinian families

Just a few hours later, a settler armed with a machine gun, lightly slung around him just like an accessoire, came onto the roof. Soldiers close-by refused to ask the settler to leave from the private Palestinian family home’s roof. The settler then suddenly pointed his machine gun at Palestinians, including small children, on nearby houses roofs. Soldiers at first watched the events unfold only to join the settler on the roof, taking orders from him on what to do.
Watch a video here: 

In occupied al-Khalil, it has been apparent that settlers rule the military, both through demanding arrests and ID checks of Palestinians and through getting away with any transgression of Palestinian’s human rights by being handed total impunity by the occupying forces.  This is especially disturbing since a West Jerusalem mayor has publicly called for settlers to carry guns amidst a high pressure situation with exploding violence across the occupied Palestinian territories.

In the Tel Rumeida section of al-Khalil, just days ago, settlers held a large march up the hill chanting “Death to Arabs” and burning Palestinian flags.

(Source / 13.10.2015)

Escalating tear-gas deployment against school children in Hebron


Monday morning, October 12th, 2015 Israeli forces pummeled Palestinian children going to school near Salimeh & Queitun checkpoints in Hebron with a total of 19 rounds of tear-gas and one stun grenade fired. The onslaught began at 7:41 am when a crowd of children could be heard playing noisily in the street near several primary schools. Suddenly their laughter turned to screams and the sound of running and gunfire as the first canisters were shot and could be seen flying over the crowd with their white streams of gas. The children scattered, many towards an adjacent street near Queitun checkpoint, where they milled around or walked back and forth, joking with each other in between being attacked with a total of 14 more canisters on that side and 3 more on the side where the first shot was fired. Israeli forces went so far as to fire at least one shot directly into an enclosed school yard where two children, ages 11 and 14, were injured to the point of requiring treatment by ambulance. Teachers and school administrators on the scene report that this is a near-daily occurrence, which is echoed by the number of children who exhibited the normal physical symptoms of exposure to tear-gas, but appeared undeterred from their daily business as though hardened soldiers. Of course they are not soldiers at all, but mostly pubescent and pre-pubescent children who are being displaced from any normal sense of peace and from their natural role as students by constant threats to their lives and safety. For these Palestinian youths, childhood is another of many precious things being stolen, occupied, or destroyed by Israeli Forces and the Zionist government.

Within the last week, use of tear-gas in attacks on children on their routes to school has sharply increased in Hebron, spiking so far at a blistering 35 total canisters and/or grenades shot at children within a few hours in a tiny area heavily populated with schools. It is illegal and dangerous to shoot tear gas into an enclosed schoolyard, and this incident is just one example of a recent trend in brutality against Palestinians that includes fraudulent arrests, intense harassment, beatings, chemical weapons, murder, or all of the above, but does not include any recourse for Palestinians victimized by these forms of violence, or any consequence whatsoever for its perpetrators.



(Source / 13.10.2015)

This is anything but a new Palestinian uprising. This has got Netanyahu’s & Mossad’s evil mitts all over it!

Israeli justice

I can’t begin to emphasise how important it is to understand the chain of events that have occurred in the West Bank & Gaza so that people realise this is anything but a Palestinian uprising. Today ITV showed an attack on an Israeli policeman but THEY NEVER SHOWED THIS OUTRAGEOUS VIDEO OF THIS POOR BOY BEING SHOT & THEN HOUNDED BY ISRAELI SCUM! It is essential people must realise, whatever trouble is now occurring was deliberately set up by the Israelis. A few days ago I wrote an article –

Suddenly the Zionist Controlled Media Don’t Want To Say a Word about Russia and ISIS –

In it I stated  

Step 1 – Give the green light to the IDF to shoot to kill Palestinian stone throwers! We know this is the case.

Step 2 – In order to encourage Palestinians youths to throw stones when they know the IDF will shoot to kill, send in Israeli agents dressed up as Palestinians. Their job is to mingle with youths & entice them to throw stones. We know this is the case too. Video evidence abounds where we see the enticers suddenly pull out guns & turn on Palestinians they goaded to throw stones.

Step 3 – If that doesn’t get the necessary response shoot to kill unarmed Palestinian women. The IDF will say they were carrying knives & behaving in a threatening manner even though they were surrounded by these IDF cowards. This is certain to spark a wave of Palestinian protests. So far three unarmed Palestinian women have been gunned down mercilessly.

Step 4 – In order to escalate the situation further, utilise a tried & tested trick – announce a rocket was fired into southern Israel. All the idiots out there will believe it even though there’s no deaths or damage & of course, no video evidence whatsoever to back up the claim. This will allow the IDF to steam in & kill a load of Palestinians & then simply say Israel has the right to defend itself.

Step 5 – Media collaborators will never mention how people who are completely boxed in & denied the very basic essentials could ever possess rocket technology! The story will be stretched out painting Israel as the victim until international condemnation is too much.

Step 6 – While continuing to commit cold-blooded murder, they will bleat like stuffed pigs. They will drag this situation out until their buddies in Mossad & the CIA can conjure up the next move. In the meantime Russia’s destruction of their ISIS forces in Syria will be kept out of the news.

I ask you – isn’t this precisely what has occurred? So when you try & convince people, calmly state steps 1 – 6 & the fact the media never presents the Palestinian side of the story.

I knew it would happen but the UK media is now stooping to the level of sewer rats. We are now virtually on a par with the US media. Not that it hasn’t been all lies for some time now but I’m beginning to think the Zionists have really upped the ante & therefore it is imperative we work harder than ever in spreading the word. I myself have started watching mainstream news again & as much as all the lies have completely upset my chemicals, I realise I have to do this because it allows me to get a clearer picture quicker than if I just listen to RT.

The Israelis are masters at killing two birds with one stone. The entire population of Britain is being kept in the dark as to how they are destroying the very terrorist threat that the West is supposed to be fighting. It is purely down to the media that more people don’t realise ISIS is an Israeli terrorist organisation. However, Putin’s master-stroke snookered the Israelis who realised they had to move fast. They had to create a news item that would deflect attention away from what was going on in Syria & at the same while they murder even more Palestinians the media would see to it that Israel is the victim. And this is exactly what’s happened.

While the BBC & ITV show a level of bias in favor of the belligerent, land-thieving Israelis that beggars belief no one mentions how this has all been set up deliberately by master thug Benjamin Netanyahu. None of the many Israeli crimes are being reported in the media! Everything has been done to entice violence & all the contemptible media do are show what is happening to the poor Israelis. JUST LOOK AT THIS VIDEO! A chap named Brian Mitchell wrote “May God forgive them. For they do not know what they do. Thou shall not kill.” I replied “I think they really do know what they’re doing Brian. That’s what worries me. This is not ignorance; it is pure evil!”

Not that I want you to read this bullshit but just get a load of this headline – Why is the world ignoring a wave of terror in Israel?

I mean you have got to be kidding me. THIS HAS BEEN DELIBERATELY SET UP SO THAT ALL THE WORLD DOES IS LOOK AT WHAT’S OCCURRING IN ISRAEL! Of course the picture painted is the exact opposite of the truth but remember a while back I said when the Israelis lie they tell absolute whoppers. Well here you have it in a nutshell. All media attention has switched to the lies being told in Israel while the fantastic work the Russians are doing in Syria destroying ISIS is going unmentioned!

(Source / 13.10.2015)

Moroccan anger over Western Sahara baffles Sweden

A man takes part in a demonstration in support of Western Sahara’s independence, in Madrid, Nov. 16, 2014

RABAT, Morocco — The Moroccan government announced a decision Oct. 1 to boycott Swedish companies, crowning a week of diplomatic tensions driven by Moroccan accusations of a change in Sweden’s stance on the Western Sahara, where conflict has been ongoing since 1975, when Spain relinquished colonial rule over the territory and Morocco ultimately seized it. The Polisario Front, representing the indigenous Saharawi people, was founded in 1973 and has been fighting for Western Saharan independence from Morocco and for recognition of the Saharan Arab Democratic Republic (SADR). Rabat believes that Sweden, after being neutral on the conflict, is now biased in favor of Western Saharan independence.

According to official Moroccan sources who spoke to Al-Monitor on condition of anonymity, information they had received about the Swedish government’s intention to soon acknowledge an independent Saharan republic was the straw that broke the camel’s back. On Sept. 28, the Royal Palace called on Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane to hold an urgent meeting of the leaders from the main political parties and unions to discuss how to politically, diplomatically and economically express the state’s displeasure with the Swedes. Later that day, authorities announced the cancellation of the opening of what would have been the first IKEA store in the country, near Mohammedia City.

The issue became a field day for the official, pro-government press, which sharply criticized the Swedish government and the European left in general for their alleged sympathies in favor of Western Sahara’s right to self-determination. The Moroccan official news agency, Maghreb Arabe Press (MAP), steadily ran reactions from party activists and Moroccan and foreign policy experts condemning Sweden’s alleged support for a Western Sahara independent of Morocco. Fouad Arif, a correspondent for MAP, described this step as “diplomatic nonsense.”

On Oct. 4, thousands of Moroccans staged a protest in front of the Swedish Embassy in Rabat in response to calls from associations openly affiliated with local authorities. Al-Monitor noticed that many of the demonstrators had arrived from different cities in chartered buses. The official media in Morocco covered the event as a spontaneous public response to Sweden’s position, while other news outlets, such as the Swedish Expressen, claimed the protest was directed by the Moroccan government.

The reasons behind Morocco’s sudden outrage remain unclear. The Swedish government’s stance on the Western Sahara conflict has remained unchanged since December 2012, when the leftist parliament of democrats, socialists, communists and Greens voted in favor of acknowledging the SADR and asked the government to abide with that outcome. Immediately thereafter, the government informed Moroccan authorities that it planned to review its policies vis-a-vis the Western Sahara before making any decision.

Swedish Foreign Ministry spokesperson Pezhman Fivrin told Al-Monitor, “The Swedish government has not taken any decision related to acknowledging the independence of the Western Sahara, and there is no intention to take such a decision. The debate has not been on the government’s agenda, and it is not up for discussion soon. The official stance of the Swedish government in this regard is clear: We are not biased toward any party. We support the efforts of the UN to find a political solution to the conflict, and we have no intention of adopting a new stance. I do not know where the Moroccan officials got their news from, but I can assure you they were misinformed. We only said we would reexamine this issue, and we told Morocco immediately. This is nothing new,” Fivrin said.

Fivrin believes Moroccan authorities might have confused the stances of some Swedish political parties with the official position of the government. He said that Moroccan-Swedish relations are close and must not be allowed to be negatively affected by the current controversy.

On Oct. 4, a left-leaning Moroccan delegation headed to Sweden to present Morocco’s perspective to officials and politicians there and to discuss the self-governance initiative that Rabat has been advocating since 2006. The initiative puts forth the idea of a local administrative authority to manage the territory’s affairs through legislative, executive and legal committees while remaining under Moroccan sovereignty.

The delegation to Sweden was headed by Nabila Mounib, leader of the Unified Socialist Party (which is not represented in the parliament), and included leaders from the Socialist Union of Popular Forces and the Moroccan Party of Progress and Socialism. The Moroccans met with Swedish Secretary of State Annika Söder and several Swedish parliamentarians.

In an interview with Al-Monitor, Mounib said that the Moroccan stance has always been misunderstood, because handling the issue of Western Sahara has always been monopolized by the political regime. Mounib continued that the state has always appointed figures, institutions or political entities that lack autonomous decision-making and are viewed as biased by the international community to defend Morocco’s initiative.

Mounib, whose appointment to head the delegation was surprising due to tensions between her party and the regime, added, “For others to accept our point of view, we must first build a united community. This can only happen when we reinforce the internal front through encouraging the democratic structure and respecting human rights. I believe the serious parties that are liberated from the logic of affiliations can best defend the national cause and rectify the misconceptions of others on this issue. We cannot keep managing this issue with the same old authoritarian logic. We risk losing a lot this way.”

While some read Morocco’s exaggerated expression of anger as a way to pressure Sweden to prevent it from moving in favor of Western Saharan independence, many others believe threatening Sweden with an economic boycott is an ineffective strategy given the relatively small size of Swedish investments in the country. Sweden ranks 44 on the list of Morocco’s trading partners.

(Source / 13.10.2015)

Israeli forces shoot, kill Palestinian in Bethlehem clashes

Israeli forces shot Mutaz Ibrahim Zawahreh, 27, with a live bullet in the chest on Oct. 13, 2015

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian from the Duheisha refugee camp Tuesday evening during clashes at the northern entrance of Bethlehem, medics said.
Mutaz Ibrahim Zawahreh, 27, was hit with a live bullet in the chest and was taken to hospital in a critical condition, medical sources at the Beit Jala Governmental Hospital told Ma’an.
Zawahreh was rushed to the operation room but quickly succumbed to his wounds, they added.
An Israeli army spokesperson told Ma’an that Israeli forces “thwarted an attack” by a “Palestinian perpetrator” who attempted to throw a Molotov cocktail at the forces.
The spokesperson said Israeli forces were present in the area because they were “responding to a violent riot of around 500 Palestinians throwing rocks.”
Thirty Palestinians have been killed in the occupied Palestinian territory by Israeli forces since Oct. 1, according to the Palestinian ministry of health, 17 of whom were killed during clashes.
Thirty-three Palestinians were injured on Tuesday, nine with live fire, in Ramallah, Bethlehem, Nablus and Hebron, the ministry added.
Clashes between Palestinian civilians and Israeli military forces have broken out near the illegal separation wall at the entrance of Bethlehem nearly every day over the past week, amid ongoing clashes throughout the rest of the occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.
Just over a week ago, a 13-year-old resident of Aida Refugee Camp was shot near the heart during clashes in Bethlehem and died shortly after.On Monday the UN agency for refugees decried the “widespread loss of civilian life” across the occupied Palestinian territory, warning that Israel was violating international law through the excessive use of firearms in the occupied area.”The root causes of the conflict, among them the Israeli occupation, must be addressed,” the agency added in a statement.”Across the occupied Palestinian territory there is a pervasive sense of hopelessness and despair resulting from the denial of rights and dignity.”Earlier Tuesday, two Palestinians were killed after carrying out stabbing attacks in East Jerusalem and Israel that left three Israelis dead and several injured.Israeli authorities shortly after suggested punitive measures against Palestinians, including the closure of Palestinian neighborhoods in occupied East Jerusalem and arming more Israeli citizens with guns.

A young man hit in the head with a rubber-coated steel bullet a few hours before Zawahreh’s death

Medics carefully watching the crowd for injuries as young men run from tear gas shot by Israeli forces

A young man wearing a gas mask launches an active tear gas canister back at Israeli forces

An image ofMutaz Ibrahim Zawahreh, 27, taken from his personal Facebook page
(Source / 13.10.2015)

Four years after Gadhafi, is Libya better off?

People take part in a protest against candidates for a national unity government proposed by UN envoy for Libya Bernardino Leon, in Benghazi, Libya, Oct. 9, 2015. The United Nations proposed a national unity government to Libya’s warring factions on Oct. 8 to end their conflict, but the deal faces resistance from Tripoli’s self-declared rulers and hard-liners on the ground

This Oct. 20, 2015, will mark four years since the late Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi died in still mysterious circumstances as his convoy was leaving his hometown of Sirte in central Libya while NATO-backed rebels closed in. There is no reliable account of how or why he died, but Human Rights Watch (HRW) believes that his convoy was first bombed by a NATO airplane, forcing him and about 250 of his most loyal companions to seek shelter. An amateur video showed a wounded Gadhafi alive while being loaded into a pickup truck to be taken to Misrata some 250 kilometers (155 miles) northwest of Sirte, and later he was announced dead.

Libyan authorities never fully investigated this crime despite promises to do so, and no official account of what really happened was ever published. The rebel credited with Gadhafi’s capture, Omran Bin Shaaban, died under unclear circumstances while receiving treatment in France in 2012.

Gadhafi’s death will go down as a landmark, and certainly as a bad one. It hardly represents any of the ideals aspired to by a nation that had just emergd from violence and war on the heels of the Libyan revolution, which was supposed to bring back justice and the rule of law, among other hopes. This all leads to a simple question: Is Libya better without Gadhafi?

Most Libyans would like to have seen him tried before a court of law and be made to answer many questions only he could have answered. After all, Gadhafi ruled for over four decades. But even more Libyans today, including middle-rank former rebel leaders, think he was killed for the very reason he should have been tried: so that he wouldn’t be given an opportunity to talk.

Hassan, a former rebel leader who does not wish to use his real name fearing reprisals, told Al-Monitor that “Gadhafi’s death is certainly not what we wanted, but I believe local and foreign politicians wanted him dead because the man knows too much.” Having him talk could have created a serious political embarrassment for many regional and world leaders.

When asked about the situation in his country today, Hassan said, “It is not promising, and many of us [former rebels] regret what happened because we never expected it to be this bad.” Without a doubt, Libya today is a fractured country without any central government. Instead, it has two quarreling governments — one in Tripoli recognized by no other state, and another in the city of El Bayada, which enjoys useless international recognition. At the same time, different terror groups are making gains in Libya. The most dangerous of them is the Islamic State (IS), which has so far expanded into three cities: Derna in the east, Sirte in the middle and Subratha in the west.

So many Libyans share such beliefs nowadays, as they compare their country and indeed their lives today to how they were under Gadhafi’s rule.

Less than two weeks ago, IS launched its most daring attack in Libya on a prison compound at Mitiga air base, a secure location in Tripoli. At the same time, various militias still operate outside any government control with the judiciary hardly functioning. Arbitrary arrests, kidnappings, and murders still occur, albeit on a lesser scale than three years ago. Sporadic gunfire, roadblocks and power shortages have become routine.

Benghazi, the second major city in Libya where the revolution started in February 2011, has been almost completely destroyed in the ongoing war between the Libyan army of the internationally recognized government, based in El Bayada, and different Islamist factions concentrating mainly near the seafront north of the city. The capital city of Tripoli is under the control of a government recognized by no other state; it was established after a bloody war that ended with the destruction of the airport and the capture of the city in August 2014 that forced the internationally recognized government to flee to eastern Libya.

Compared to a year ago, life for ordinary Libyans in the capital might have improved a little, but it is still far from normal — and normal here is in comparison to what it used to be under Gadhafi. People still lack security and struggle to make ends meet, with skyrocketing prices and little subsidized basic food available. Basic medical services are almost nonexistent, forcing people to seek treatment in neighboring Tunisia. Those with financial means seeking to go to Europe for whatever reason find it even harder, since all Western embassies have long since closed; in order to apply for a visa, any Libyan citizen must travel to Tunis, Tunisia.

Oil production, the main source of government revenue, is down by three quarters, and the country now pumps less than half a million barrels a day, denying the treasury much-needed cash to pay the thousands of civil servants on its payroll. Government salaries are at least three months behind payment schedule. All major infrastructure projects that were in progress when the unrest started four years ago have been on hold since all major foreign companies left, leaving behind rusting building cranes dotting the Tripoli skyline. Thousands of Libyans are still displaced inside the country, with an estimated 1 million citizens forced to seek security abroad — particularly in Egypt and Tunisia.

Most schools and universities have yet to open their doors for this academic year, and schoolchildren are spending most of their time outdoors playing in unsafe streets.

Meanwhile, political factions continue to quarrel about the shape of the next government in endless UN-led talks that recently ended in Skhirat, Morocco. People are less hopeful that their country can be saved anytime soon. Hassan believes that “such talks will never deliver anything to the country,” admitting that “life under Gadhafi was much better than it is now.

(Source / 13.10.2015)


Please take a minute to read what this Palestinian man wrote about his day today….and the days in the lives of all Palestinians living in the West Bank. Then ask yourselves who are the terrorists?

By “Jerusalemite”
In a meeting in Bethlehem this morning, a colleague sitting across the meeting table gets a phone call. His facial expression changes, and he becomes very distressed. I ask him what’s wrong, he says:
“They killed Mustafa, my colleague Adel’s son. We have to wrap up, we have to go.”
I immediately went on both Israeli and Palestinian news sources, and the discrepancy in reporting was evident. Israeli press depicted Mustafa as a terrorist who tried to stab an Israeli policeman at Lion’s Gate in Jerusalem, whereas Palestinian press along with eye witness reports tell a different story altogether.
Mustafa was shot after he refused the policeman’s order to remove his hands from his pockets. Pictures of Mustafa, lying in his pool of blood, his body stripped of its clothes by Israeli police, confirm the Palestinian story. There is no knife or screwdriver around.


Mustafa Alkhatib 18-years-old, from Sour Baher town in Occupied Jerusalem, was executed at Bab Al Asbat Gate (Lions Gate), October 12th. 
He was passing by the area, when Zionist settlers attacked him, accusing him of stabbing someone. Zionist Occupation Forces did not hesitate to open fire. Once his dead body was stripped naked, it was apparent the had no weapon. But as usual, Israeli Forces lie. 

On my way home from Bethlehem, I sense a feeling of anxiety in the streets of Jerusalem. There are Israeli police, border control, and commando units every 100 meters. I get closer to a key junction on road 1, and I see an Israeli man waving a large Israeli flag with an orange strip of cloth on top. The orange cloth depicts the color associated with Israeli settlers. As I drive further towards my neighborhood of Beit Hanina, I pass more cars with Israeli flags flying outside their windows. One Israeli driver was holding one large flag in his left hand, while his right was on the steering wheel. One gets the sense that it’s a national holiday in Israel.
When I get to Beit Hanina, I get down to buy some bread from our local baker. As I stand on the counter, an old man walks in distressed and anxious. I look at his face and ask him what’s wrong. He looks at me and says: “Have you ever seen anyone get shot in front of you?” I tell him, fortunately no. He says: “I saw it, just now, they were chasing her, five of them, taunting her, trying to pull her hijab, frightening her, she was petrified.” I tried to calm him down, but he continued:
“The moment she crossed the road, a border policeman jumped out of nowhere and fired five shots point blank into her body. It was an execution, it was merciless and I can’t get the image out of my head.”


Farah Bekir 15-year-old student was accused by Zionist settlers of trying to stab an Israeli. Zionist Occupation Forces responded to the settlers claims by administering fatal gunshots to her body. She also had no weapon and was returning from school, October 12th.

The old man was talking about Farah Bekir, a 15-year-old student from the nearby Abdallah Ben Al-Hussein High School. It later occurred to me that the Israeli man that was waving a large Israeli flag was standing at the very same spot where Farah was shot, celebrating her shooting wave after wave.
At this time, my phone rings. It’s my wife Lisa, telling me to avoid driving through the nearby settlement of Pisgat Zeev. She tells me that they just shot a 12-year-old Palestinian boy on suspicion of trying to stab an Israeli settler. I check my phone for news, and the picture of the 12-year-old Palestinian boy lying in a pool of his blood traumatizes me.


Ahmad Saleh Elmahania, 12-years-old was chased near an illegal Zionist settler colony in Jerusalem, by Zionist settlers screaming for his blood. 
When the settlers saw police, they told them to shoot the boy, accusing him of stabbing a settler. The police shot and killed him, then allowed the settlers to scream at Ahmed to "die, die, son of a bitch, die" and they let him bleed out.

I thought to myself, if they can shoot children without blinking, I can be next in line at any moment if some Israeli decides to accuse me of attacking them, stealing their cat, or any other arbitrary or invented crime. It appears that the police and military rules of engagement have been relaxed to the point where almost any Palestinian who is seen as acting in a suspicious manner can be killed on the spot. This is in line with a recent Facebook post written by an Israeli peace activist (Eran Efrati) working for ICAHD USA confirming that, according to his sources in the Israeli government, the Israeli leadership has given the“green light” to policemen and soldiers to shoot first and ask questions later. Anyone who shoots a Palestinian is instantly rewarded with praise from the Israeli public, lauded as a national hero who has done his share to save the people of Israel.
I open the door to my home, and there I see my beautiful three-week old baby girl, Naya, waiting for me. I grab her, kiss her, and thank God that I managed to get home safe and sound this time, but I am worried. As a Palestinian young man, I am in danger of being shot at any moment in time in my own city, especially if my behavior is interpreted by an overzealous, trigger-happy, and praise-craving Israeli policeman as suspicious. The scary bit is, that God forbid this happens, no one from the Israeli government, police, or public will bother to launch an investigation or ask questions. This has been the case with every extrajudicial killing of Palestinians that has taken place in the past two weeks.
The killing of Palestinians has become as routine as drinking water in Israeli society, and it is being celebrated by the vast majority of the Israeli public as Gideon Levy wrote in his recent Haaretz article entitled “Israel’s lawless death penalty without trial buoyed by cheers of the masses.”
Like that man who stood on the main street, where Farah was shot, waving the Israeli flag, taunting the non-Jewish residents of the city, celebrating her shooting. This is Jerusalem today, this is a day in the life of a Palestinian Jerusalemite.

(Source / 13.10.2015)

Marwa: International Community Must Stop Russia’s Aggression Against Syria

Vice President Hisham Marwa said that the Syrian Coalition expects a strong response from the international community to stop the Russian aggression on Syria, stressing that the Assad regime, with the support of Russia and Iran, continues to commit crimes against the Syrian people.

He adds that the Syrian Coalition still sees implementing the Geneva I Communiqué as the basis on which any political settlement in Syria must be built, noting that the decision not to participate in the four “working groups” is a message to the international community to salvage the peace process which the Russian invasion has undermined.

A Political Committee delegation met yesterday with a number of representatives from the Friends of the Syrian People Group on Monday. The Political Committee reaffirmed the Syrian Coalition’s commitment to a political solution based on the Geneva I Communiqué and the relevant UN Security Council resolutions, in particular resolution 2118, which states that the implementation of the Geneva I Communiqué begins with the formation of a Transitional Governing Body.

(Source: Syrian Coalition + Al Arabi al-Jadid / 13.10.2015)

Israeli Troops Receiving “Free Permits” to Open Fire On “Suspicious” Palestinians

(ANTIMEDIA) United Kingdom — The latest victims of Israeli aggression in the occupied Palestinian territories are 30-year-old pregnant mother Noor Hassan and her 2-year-old daughter Rahaf.  The family was killed in the early hours of Sunday in Gaza, after airstrikes — that Israel claims were targeting Hamas infrastructure — caused their home to collapse.

Since October 1st, the situation in the West Bank, occupied East Jerusalem, and Gaza has deteriorated. Over 20 Palestinians have been killed and more than 1000 injured as official requests by the Palestinian leadership for international protection go ignored.

On October 8th, Amnesty International issued a statementthat condemned deliberate attacks on both Israeli and Palestinian civilians. The condemnation also included the widespread use of excessive force by the Israeli army and its failure to protect Palestinians from attacks by Israeli settlers.

Those surprised by these recent events haven’t been paying attention, but should not be blamed. Amid escalations in the region, mainstream news coverage is always lacking in context and portrays the violence as though it arises out of a vacuum. Israelis are historically painted as victims, besieged by their vicious neighbours who want nothing more than to push them into the sea — all while the savage Palestinians attack them for no other reason than violence inherent to their nature.

The insidious reporting not only fails the public, but lets the colonial regime off the hook. Omitting the context of 67 years of brutal military occupation, creeping settlement expansion, and Israel’s extrajudicial killings to focus solely on Palestinian “terror” gives a green light to the armed settler puppets of right-wing politicians to run riot — literally.

While shocking video evidence of undercover Israeli soldiers infiltrating a group of stone-throwers before shooting a Palestinian at point blank range must be seen to be believed, footage of death-chanting Israeli mobs rarely see the light of day. Witness footage of Israeli forces shooting 30-year-old mother Israa Abed would be deemed to graphic for mainstream.

But graphic is exactly what Palestine is, and the reason for the deadly increase in attacks by Israel’s trigger-happy army was revealed earlier today in a chilling allegation by ex-Israeli soldier Eran Efrati:

“In recent days I am getting reports from soldiers in the Israeli army who tell me that their rules of engagement were changed entirely and that procedures that were true to a certain extent only in Gaza and parts of the West Bank are now being implemented all across Palestine and Israel.”

Efrati claims “free permits” to open fire on any Palestinian citizen who seems suspicious are now being distributed. He says soldiers are discussing orders they have received that eliminate the apprehension of a suspect and the “suspect arrest procedure,” as well as any attempt to stop or talk with “a suspect.”

The Israeli army is killing civilian protesters in cold blood,” Palestinian Issa Amro from Youth Against Settlements told Anti-Media. “Palestinians are trying to defend their homes and their land, we need international support.”

Asked about the surge in “lone-wolf” attacks carried out by Palestinians, Amro was frank: “Palestinian violence is not proportional to the violence carried out by Israeli settlers and the army, Palestinians are held  accountable while settlers have impunity.”

(Source / 13.10.2015)

Israeli troops wound five Palestinians in Gaza

Medical sources: 27 Palestinians killed since start of this month, more than 5,000 wounded and arrested

Israeli occupation forces opened fire on Tuesday at Palestinians in Gaza Strip, wounded five, including one in serious conditions.

Palestinian medical sources said that five protestors were wounded including one in critical conditions. All are still under medical care in Gaza hospitals

Days of Palestine, Gaza Strip –Israeli occupation forces opened fire on Tuesday at Palestinians in Gaza Strip, wounded five, including one in serious conditions.

About two hundred Palestinians took to the streets in the city of Beit Hanoun in the north of the Gaza Strip protesting the continuous Israeli violations against Palestinians in West Bank and Jerusalem.

The protestors walked until they arrived near Israeli military towers in the east of the city and started throwing stones at the Israeli soldiers.

Witnesses said that the Israeli soldiers immediately responded with opening live fire towards the protesters.

Palestinian medical sources said that five protestors were wounded including one in critical conditions. All are still under medical care in Gaza hospitals.

Meanwhile, Israeli navy opened its fire at Palestinian fishermen off the Gaza coast. No casualties were reported.

(Source / 13.10.2015)