Mourners of Gaza mother and child killed in airstrike urge resistance– ‘3rd, 4th, 5th intifada, whatever it takes’

The blast hole where the Hassan house in Gaza was bombed by Israeli warplanes

Israeli F-16 strikes destroyed a house in the Mughraga area of Gaza overnight, killing five-months-pregnant Nour Hassan, 27, her two-year-old daughter Rahaf, and injuring her husband Yahya and their toddler son. All that remains of the house is a massive blast hole several meters deep and twenty meters wide amid scattered bits of clothing and personal belongings.

“No one called and told us to evacuate the house,” said 17-year-old Abdullah Hassan, Yahya’s cousin who was nearby when the missiles struck. “It was a cheap shot.”

As soon as the missiles struck, Abdullah Hassan and his cousin sprinted to the site. They heard crying and found the little boy dozens of meters away – he had been blown afar by the explosion. After rescuing the boy, they heard the father’s voice. The two cousins began a heroic effort to rescue Yahya Hassan who was trapped under a large piece of concrete and was impaled by a piece of rebar. The boys continued to dig through the rubble until they found the lifeless bodies of Nour and Rafah Hassan.

Situated approximately 300 meters from the Badr training site of Al-Qassam, Gaza’s largest armed resistance group, the house was shabbily built, like many of its kind.

“Such high-tech weaponry for such a simple house,” Abdullah Nasser Hassan remarked.

Early this afternoon, mourners gathered at a neighborhood mosque. The distraught and injured father sat in a wheelchair next to his dead wife and daughter, tearing up as he kissed the little girl’s lacerated, bare face and gripped her tiny hands.


ahya Hassan prays in a Gaza mosque before the funeral for his pregnant wife and child

Mourners carried the body of Rahaf Hassan outside, raising her body overhead, reciting verses and calling for armed resistance. Gunfire rang out as the funeral proceeded.

Family members lined the streets outside, angry and distraught after another Israeli attack on a Palestinian family.

Hassan Tahaf begrafenis

In Gaza today, mourners carry the body of Rahaf Hassan and call for armed resistance

“I hope God breaks Israel,” Ijdia Hassan, Yahya’s mother, shouted through tears as she held the surviving boy’s hand. “What is the fault of the little baby who is crying for his mother? God burn them the way they burned this child’s heart!”

Hassan familie

A Gaza woman comforts the surviving boy of the Hassan family

“We should have a third, fourth and fifth intifada,” said 65-year-old Amna Zahar, Yahya Hassan’s cousin. “We should have a third, fourth and fifth intifada. Whatever it takes to keep fighting. They have no conscience, they have no mercy. They are dead inside!”

“All of the Gazan women are fighters! Just bring us weapons and we’ll take the fight them,” another elderly woman shouted. “If they were to meet us face to face, they’d see the kind of fight they would get.”

The bombing came hours after three rockets were launched from northern Gaza, none of which caused any damage. No group claimed responsibility for the rockets, and Al-Qassam security forces combed the streets looking for the perpetrators.

Hassan resten huis

Abdullah Hassan combs through belongings where the house was bombed, in Gaza

ince the ceasefire that ended Israel’s 51-day mega-assault on Gaza last year, Hamas has abided by the terms while Israel has violated the agreement on a near-daily basis. When rogue factions have launched rockets, Israel has held Hamas responsible, bombing evacuated Al-Qassam training sites.

Israeli soldiers killed eleven and injured at least 145 Palestinian youth including three children along the border over the previous days. University students called for protests at the Nahal Oz crossing.

Blowback continues in the occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem and inside Israel as government forces continue to increase repression.

Huiswertk Hassan

English class homework found in a small backpack amid the rubble of Hassan home, Gaza

(Source / 11.10.2015)

Israeli choppers hovering over Jerusalem, settlers storm the Aqsa

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Israeli army choppers flew in the sky of the Old City of Occupied Jerusalem on Sunday morning. Meanwhile, groups of Jewish settlers stormed the Aqsa Mosque under protection of Israeli forces.

Violent clashes were later reported on Sunday evening between Israeli forces and Palestinian youths in different towns and districts of the holy city.

Eyewitnesses said Israeli choppers flew over the city for hours in the morning which increased Palestinians’ fears that Israel might commit new crimes against Palestinians in Occupied Jerusalem.
(Source / 11.10.2015)

Russian Warplanes Strike Medical Facilities in Syria

Physicians for Human Rights Says Russia’s Air Strikes Have Hit Three Facilities in Two Days

New York, NY – 10/07/2015

Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) has confirmed that Russian air strikes damaged three medical facilities in Syria in two days, exacerbating an already dire situation for civilians living in areas where the health system has been systematically attacked by the Syrian government.

“Bashar al-Assad’s forces have been relentlessly attacking Syria’s health care system for the past four years and the Russian government is now following in their footsteps,” said Widney Brown, PHR’s director of programs. “These attacks are inexcusable. Claiming that the fight is against terrorists does not give any government the right to tear up the laws of war, which specifically protect health workers and facilities. With these actions, Russia is damaging hospitals, putting patients and medical staff at risk, and depriving civilians of life-saving access to health care.”

The Russian Ministry of Defense maintains that its air strikes are conducted with precise, guided munitions, which suggests that these three attacks were targeted at the medical facilities. Russia further maintains that it is targeting the self-declared Islamic State (IS), also called ISIS or ISIL. However, the three medical facilities are all located more than 30 miles from the nearest IS-controlled territory. Regardless of location or who the medical staff treat, targeting a medical facility is a war crime.

PHR has documented 307 attacks on medical facilities and the deaths of 670 medical personnel in Syria since the start of the conflict in March 2011 through the end of August 2015. Syrian government forces have been responsible for more than 90 percent of these attacks, each of which constitutes a war crime. PHR recently also called for a full and independent investigation of an attack on a Doctors without Borders clinic in Kunduz, Afghanistan.

PHR has confirmed the following incidents by Russian air strikes in Syria over the last week:

  • On October 2, a Russian warplane launched an air strike on the field hospital in Latamneh, in northern Hama governorate. The facility was damaged, and multiple medical staff members were injured. The Syrian government has previously attacked this facility with barrel bombs in June.
  • Also on October 2, a Russian warplane launched an air strike on an ambulance depot and emergency response center in Benin, in rural Idlib. Part of the facility was destroyed, at least two ambulances were seriously damaged, and the depot was temporarily put out of service. Reports indicate that two planes flew over the facility and launched strikes that fell around the depot before circling back and launching another strike, which landed inside the depot. The Syrian government previously attacked this facility with barrel bombs in April.
  • On October 3, a Russian warplane launched an air strike that damaged al-Burnas Hospital in northern Latakia, near the Turkish border. The hospital suffered minor material damage, but had to be evacuated. The hospital is the only one in the region with an obstetrics/gynecology unit and is now only able to provide some emergency services.

Russia has not acknowledged that their air strikes hit or damaged the medical facilities, but confirmed it was conducting air strikes in each of these locations when the attacks occurred.

(Source / 11.10.2015)


In the final analysis, the PA is subservient to Israel and, to a very large extent, answerable to Israel.

PA must listen to the voice of the people-or get lost

By Khalid Amayreh in occupied Palestine
Both the criminal, racist state of Israel, and the Palestinian Authority (PA), a  police state without a state which we all know is at Israel’s beck and call, are reacting characteristically, each in its own way, to the ongoing popular Palestinian protests in the West Bank, especially in Occupied East Jerusalem.Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, have been threatening Palestinians with death and destruction if they continue with their protests, which he conveniently calls “terror.”Netanyahu, of course, ignores the incomparably greater Jewish terror against Palestinians, which is continuing unabated, with full government backing and encouragement.

Needless to say, some of the manifestation of this unrelenting terror by both the Israeli military and especially by heavily armed settler terrorists, who have been waging a determined dirty terror campaign against innocent and unprotected Palestinian civilians.

This dirty war by the settlers and their supporters, who are in control of government, army and justice system, has one strategic goal: The expulsion and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians from their ancestral homeland.

Some of the settler crimes against Palestinians like the burning alive of entire Palestinian families have fallen within the realm of the unthinkable.

The Israeli prime minister, notorious for his dishonesty, is also overlooking the main factor behind, Palestinian protests, namely continued attempts by government-backed Jewish fanatics to take over the Aqsa Mosque which epitomizes the very existence of the Palestinian people on their national soil.

Indeed, the Aqsa Mosque is a matter of life and death for the Palestinian people. This is why it is difficult to imagine another cause or issue that would mobilize the people of Palestine and Muslims elsewhere to rise up like al-Aqsa Mosque does.

We, Palestinians, know Israeli ruthlessness and criminality too well.

We know very well that Israel is capable of behaving and acting like the Nazis did. And we certainly don’t like to see our kids and youth getting killed and maimed by trigger-happy soldiers, taught that murdering Palestinian children is the only way to prevent the occurrence of another holocaust.

However, it is abundantly clear that the vast majority of Palestinians will fight and if necessary die for their national and religious dignity, which is being assaulted in the most blatant manner by Israel.

Hence, the evolution of current protests in the West Bank and elsewhere in Occupied Palestine into a full-fledged intifada or uprising depends to a very large extent on Israel’s behavior toward the Aqsa Mosque.

This means one thing. An all-out revolt against the Israeli occupation will be inevitable if Israel keeps up its criminal designs against Muslim holy places in Jerusalem.

The PA

We are all aware of the serious limitations preventing the PA from acting as a truly national entity serving the aspirations and legitimate goals of the Palestinian people.

In the final analysis, the PA is subservient to Israel and, to a very large extent, answerable to Israel.

Image by Carlos Latuff

There are those who argue rather reasonably that the PA, being at Israel’s beck and call, is a serious liability, rather than asset, facing the Palestinian people and their enduring just cause.

There is obviously little exaggeration in this view.

The PA has done very little, apart from some symbolic diplomatic achievements, to advance the cause of Palestinian liberation from the clutches of evil Zionism despite protracted talks with Israel lasting for more than two decades.

Indeed, a careful examination of the PA discourse reveals that the Ramallah regime, which lives on politically-motivated aid by the US and EU, is effectively chasing a mirage in the desert as nearly all serious observers of the conflict in Palestine have unanimously reached the conclusion that Israel has effectively eliminated any remaining possibility for the establishment of a viable Palestinian state in the West Bank, especially one with Jerusalem as its capital.

PA must do the following, or disappear

Patriotic Palestinians are not asking the PA to do more than it could. Certainly, we are not asking Abu Mazen and the hangers-on around him to wage a war of liberation on the apartheid entity. We know better than indulging in this sort of day-dreaming.

But we do ask the PA to listen to the voice of the people and stop acting as a Gendarme for Israel, one whose function is to repress, torment and persecute our people on Israel’s behalf.

We do ask, actually demand, that the PA stop the ignominious practice of security coordination with Israel.

This type of coordination, which is nothing short of treacherous collaboration with the enemy, is an eternal mark of shame or badge of dishonor on the collective conscience of the Palestinian people. It really makes the PA regime a Quisling entity, par excellence.

It must be terminated, now.

I do realize that terminating this perfidious collaboration regime would have serious ramifications as far as the survival of the PA is concerned.

I also realize that security coordination with Israel is the raison d’être for the PA as far as Israel is concerned and that its termination could actually mean the end of the Ramallah regime.

In the final analysis, the PA might have to choose either saving itself from the prospect of downfall or saving the Palestinian cause from the prospect of liquidation.

This is because it is increasingly clear that the realization of either goal can only be done at the expense of sacrificing the other goal.

(Source / 11.10.2015)

Gaza protests: ‘Each time we heard a bullet, a protestor fell’

Eleven protestors have been shot dead in recent days, and more than 200 injured

A young protestor cries after clashes on the Gaza border

GAZA CITY – The last few days have been bloody ones for Gaza, with 11 protestors, largely boys and youths, shot dead by Israeli forces near the border. More than 200 have been injured, the Gaza Health Ministry said.

With tensions boiling over in the West Bank and Jerusalem, on Friday hundreds of people gathered near the border fence with Israel east of Gaza City close to Shejayeh, east Khan Younis and north of Gaza Strip close to Erez crossing point. They chanted, jostled and threw rocks but the Israelis responded with live ammunition. Six youths died at the scene and one succumbed to his wounds the day after. More than 130 people were injured.

Despite the deaths, the next day protestors once again gathered near the border. In Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, 13-year-old Marwan Barbakh and 15-year-old Omar Othman were shot and killed by live ammunition.

An Israeli army spokesperson said around 200 Palestinians had approached the fence while hurling rocks and rolling burning tires toward security forces.

“Forces on the site responded with fire toward the main instigators to prevent their progress and disperse the riot,” she said.

The protestors have today returned once more but their numbers are fewer, and the mood increasingly sour. Most openly talk about how the rules of the game have changed, and how protestors appear to have become fair game. Young people who survived the weekend’s mass shooting on the border said that during many clashes in Khan Younis, Israeli troops opened fire at short distance with live ammunition.

A young man, who drove a badly injured 18-year-old Palestinian protestor to the hospital on his motorbike on Friday, said he was shocked at what he witnessed. As he spoke another motorbike came in carrying a dead youth.

“Usually when we protest, the Israeli troops issue warning shots first,” the teenager, who did not want to give his name, told MEE.

“This time, the soldiers are shooting directly, and each time we heard a bullet, a protestor fell,” he said as he watched his friend’s body being transferred from the motorcycle into an ambulance nearby.

Several Palestinian journalists confirmed the phenomena, saying that they believed live bullets were fired at specific targets.

A survivor of Friday’s protests, 18-year-old Jihad Mohsen, told MEE he was standing right next to fellow youths as they were gunned down and killed.

He said there were about 30 people on the frontline, close to the fence, just tens of meters away from Israeli troops who stood sheltered behind some man-made sand barriers, dug out for protection by Israeli bulldozers.

Israeli soldiers stand on the Israeli side of the border

“We were carrying our Palestinian flags, and throwing stones in retaliation, and suddenly the live ammunition was directly hitting us, at which point [19-year-old] Mohammed al-Reqeb was shot,” Mohsen said.

“There was no occasion where a bullet was fired without someone being hit and falling – it was deliberate, they were aiming directly at us,” he told MEE.

Medical staff treating the wounded at Khan Younis’s European Hospital told MEE that they were shocked at the numbers of victims with precise bullet wounds, which they say appeared to be deliberately aimed not to injure, but to kill or cause the maximum amount of damage.

An on-duty doctor at the hospital reception said he felt the injuries were “designed” to create patients with long-term disabilities.

Another doctor at Gaza European hospital who is not authorised to speak by his ministry, told MEE that some of the wounds were from snipers, who knew exactly what part of the body to hit, to kill instantly.

He said that these kinds of injuries were rare and that Gaza medical crews were more accustomed to receiving patients with “indiscriminate wounds” that were caused by shelling or Israeli air strikes.

(Overnight on Saturday, a pregnant woman was killed along with her three-year-old daughter after Israeli rockets leveled a house close to Gaza City, in the latest such incident to rock the Strip. Israeli authorities say they were targeting Hamas positions and weapons stockpiles. Palestinians say there were no rockets, but claim that there was a Hamas military training camp nearby.)

Deputy health minister Dr Medhat Mouhsen said many of the wounded were hit in the head and the upper body.

He accused Israeli soldiers of using explosive bullets, which maximize fatal damage upon impact.

“Israeli soldiers are deliberately using a criminal doctrine policy, of shooting directly, with the aim to kill”

“It is time for human rights groups on both local and international levels – especially The Committee of International Red Cross – to expose these crimes,” he said.

The Geneva-based Euro-Med Human Rights Monitors also said that it had evidence that Israeli troops patrolling the border were deliberately targeted protestors.

“We have collected evidence based on eyewitness accounts that shootings took place from short-distance range and live ammunition was used against the border-fence protestors,” said Ramy Abdu, the chairman of the Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor.

In some cases, which were reported by protestors and medical staff, rubber-coated steel bullets were also used, the organisation said.

As another ambulance arrived at the hospital and bodies were carried in, a young man stood by covered in blood. He told MEE how he had tried to rescue one of the wounded protestors on Friday – Adnan Moussa Abu Elian – who didn’t survive.

“Just before Adnan fell, we heard a couple of shots, and immediately he fell with an injury to his head,” the man said, speaking on the condition of anonymity. “[As this happened] another young man nearby was hit in his upper right arm.”

In another part of the Gaza Strip where smaller protests took place, few eyewitnesses and doctors have come forward as of yet to verify the practice, but concerns have been growing for some time that shooting to kill might be the new norm.

In May, Israeli campaign group Breaking the Silence interviewed more than 60 members of the Israeli army, air force and navy, including soldiers and officers who confirmed deliberate shootings of Palestinian civilians.

The result of the investigation, largely based on events during last summer’s 51-day war in Gaza, alleged that Israel’s military deliberately pounded civilian areas of the Gaza Strip with incessant fire of indiscriminate ordinance, and took little care to avoid civilians. The Israeli authorities have repeatedly denied this and insist that they do everything in their power to warn civilians and to avoid casualties, instead blaming Hamas for hiding weapons and fighters amidst civilian structures.

With the Strip on edge and the largely young and leaderless protests continuing – few of the young protestors identify as either Hamas or Fatah – the Gaza health ministry says it is taking no chances. It says it will devote all available resources to keeping the country’s emergency departments and hospitals open to the deal with any new casualties.

(Source / 11.10.2015)

Israel’s haunted temple…

By Jamal Kanj

Jamal Kanj

Tension in Jerusalem has escalated to dangerous levels in response to deliberate Israeli provocation at Haram Al Sharif or the Noble Sanctuary. This fragile situation was further worsened by new Israeli government decrees to blow up Palestinian homes and grant its army a free rein to deal with protesters.

Since then, at least eight Palestinians were murdered and hundreds injured by live ammunition and rubber plated bullets. In the West, the violence became news headlines only after the killing of two armed illegal Jewish colonists in the occupied West Bank.

Missed from the Zionist-controlled media, 10 days earlier and while Palestinians were preparing to celebrate Eid, an Israeli soldier murdered a young Palestinian woman in Hebron. The unchecked Israeli hasbara and media deceit claimed the 18-year-old Hadeel Hashlamun was a threat to the Israeli soldier.

The claim was belied by a video tape showing the young girl being shot at close range in cold blood.

Fawaz Abu Eisheh, who witnessed the slaying, said, “One of the soldiers shot directly at her left leg, she fell down and didn’t move. After 10 to 15 seconds, he shot another bullet at her right leg, five bullets at her abdomen and chest area, and then shot another from one metre away.”

According to news reports and UN sources, more than 41 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces and or armed Jewish hooligans since January 2015.

For years, fundamentalist Jewish incursions at the Noble Sanctuary, escorted by heavy military guard, had invariably provoked friction between the Israeli army and Palestinians. While access to the site is normally unimpeded to non-Muslim visitors through Bab Al Maghariba Gate, clashes occur only when Jewish fanatics barge into the Muslim holy site disturbing prayers and demanding right to perform Jewish rituals.

Just imagine if Muslims or, even worse, Palestinian Christians raised the Cross and tried to hold their mass at the Jewish Wailing Wall during Easter. Mind you, according to UN witnesses, Palestinian Christians from the West Bank weren’t even allowed to visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre for Easter.  

Al Aqsa, Muslim’s third holiest mosque, has stood as a historical testimony at the Noble Sanctuary since the dawn of Islam. Built over a vacant hilltop during the life of Prophet Mohammed and several years before the second Muslim Khalifa, Omar ibn Al Khattab liberated Palestine from the Byzantine Empire in 637 CE.

The Khalifa’s first act – known as the Omariyya Covenant – was to guarantee civil and religious freedom for Palestinian Christians. He also allowed Palestinian Jews to live in Jerusalem after they were barred under the Roman occupation.

The first recorded history of a specific Jewish claim for a place of worship near the Noble Sanctuary was made almost 1,000 years after the Muslim leader allowed Jews back in Jerusalem.

Now under occupation for nearly 50 years, Israeli archeologists have turned the old city into craters’ land and the Noble Sanctuary hovered over a cavity as they desperately scoured for evidence of the alleged Temple of Solomon.

History and archeology hitherto continue to debunk the Zionist myth. According to a report by Israel’s foremost archeologist and university Professor Israel Finkelstein – after all the digging – “There is no historical or archaeological evidence to back the biblical narrative on … Joshua’s conquest of Canaan,” or “Temple of Solomon” to have ever existed in the city.

To fulfil its delusional prophecy, Israel has a better chance of collaborating with the misnomer Islamic State and doomsday Christians to breed the unblemished bovine red heifer before finding the haunted mirage under the Noble Sanctuary.

While Christian and Muslim Palestinians clutch physically to heritage symbols in Jerusalem, European Zionist Khazar Jewish converts are chasing a phantom.

* Mr Kanj ( writes weekly newspaper column and publishes on several websites on Arab world issues. He is the author of “Children of Catastrophe,” Journey from a Palestinian Refugee Camp to America. A version of this article was first published by the Gulf Daily News newspaper.

ISIS is working on Mossad/CIA Plan to Create Greater Israel


Is Syria’s destruction a part of the Zionist plan to create a ‘Greater Israel’ ?

The Plan — according to U.S. General Wesley Clark (Ret.):  In an interview with Amy Goodman on March 2, 2007, U.S. General Wesley Clark (Ret.), explains that the Bush Administration planned to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Lybia, Somalia, Sudan, Iran

‘The Greater Israel Project’ Explained by Ken O’Keefe:

Ken explains the concept of ‘The Greater Israel Project’ and the balkanization of surrounding countries as a means of destabilizing them. Balkanization is a geopolitical term that was originally used to describe the process of the fragmentation or division of a region or state into smaller regions or states that are often hostile or non-cooperative with one another. The head of the snake, the system of power, is headed by the financial system. The bankers rule the Earth through the private control of the issuance of money, debt-based money which we’re all supposed to pay with things like austerity measures, which allows them to provide THEMSELVES an INFINITE supply of money which means that they can buy anything and anyone so we see that the world governments are nothing but puppets of bankers who control their money supply. The bankers at the top of this pyramid are psychopaths.

Norman Finkelstein Obliterates and Humiliates Hard Talk Host on Israel:

Norman showed the host what it really means to “Hard Talk”.
The Bias anchor/journalist who sides with Israel makes a mistake by challenging Norman on the Palestine and IsraHell conflict. Norman teaches her a lesson, she wont be forgetting anytime soon.
Norman Finkelstein has devoted his life and his Doctorate degree on the Middle East and the Palestine Israel conflict.

ISIS In Greater Israel’s Scheme:

This is the root cause of all the refugee crisis we are facing in the world right now.

(Source / 11.10.2015)

Gaan alle remmen los in Israël?

By Engelbert Luitsz                        (


Een oude man in Hebron probeert soldaten ervan te weerhouden op kinderen te schieten. Maar hij wordt zelf onder schot genomen.

De onverschilligheid waarmee het Israëlische leger en de politie Palestijnse slachtoffers benaderen wordt goed geïllustreerd door een oudere Palestijnse man in Hebron die probeert soldaten duidelijk te maken dat ze niet op kinderen moeten schieten. Hij wordt direct bedreigd en agressief benaderd en op een gegeven moment zakt hij in elkaar. Op het moment van schrijven is nog niet duidelijk wat er precies is gebeurd. Misschien is hij flauwgevallen en misschien was het een sluipschutter. Maar de reactie van de soldaten is overduidelijk. Ze lijken zich vrolijk te maken over de man die daar ligt en steken geen poot uit om hem te helpen.

Gisteren werden twee kinderen in de Gazastrook door scherpschutters gedood. Hoewel zij deel uitmaakten van een groep Palestijnse jongeren aan de Gazaanse kant van de grens, werden ze vanuit de betonnen wachttorens beschoten. Het prijsschieten kostte het leven aan de 12-jarige Marwan Barbakh en aan de 15-jarige Khalil Othman. Een jongen van 13 raakte zwaar gewond.

Vanmorgen kwam een zwangere vrouw van dertig samen met haar dochtertje van drie om het leven bij een Israëlisch bombardement. Haar man en zoontje raakten gewond. Noor Hassan en haar dochtertje werden in hun slaap verrast toen hun huis instortte.

Rahf Hassan gaza vermoord 11 okt

Vader Hassan koestert het lichaam van zijn dode dochtertje.

De meute krijgt vrij spel

In twee recente gevallen, bij de moord op Fadi Alloun op straat en bij het neerschieten van Asra Zidan bij een busstation, is duidelijk te horen hoe mensen uit het publiek oproepen tot moord. Het zijn scenes die doen denken aan lynchpartijen uit het verleden, maar hier worden de handhavers van de openbare orde gesommeerd de bloeddorstige wil van het volk uit te voeren.

We hebben het hier dus nog niet over zwaar bewapende georganiseerde kolonisten (daarover straks meer). Dit zijn vaak toevallige voorbijgangers die alles wat in hun ogen niet thuis hoort in de joodse staat vernietigd willen zien. Daarnaast heb je dan nog groepen als Lehava en La Familia (behorende tot de voetbalclub Beitar Jerusalem). Allebei extreem rechts en extreem gewelddadig. Onlangs hielden zij met zo’n 1000 personen een mars door Jeruzalem, op zoek naar “Arabieren” om in elkaar te slaan of erger. Ook voor de politie zijn ze niet bang, want ze weten wel dat zij nooit dezelfde behandeling zullen krijgen. Zelfs de meest vreedzame Palestijnse betogers worden keihard aangepakt, terwijl dit racistische tuig meestal met rust gelaten wordt.

Twee dappere Israëlische getuigen van die mars schreven er een stukje over op een Hebreeuwse website, maar voor deze keer in het Engels, in de hoop dat het misschien wat westerse politici wakker kan schudden. Er was duidelijk sprake van “jacht maken op mensen” en over het doel van hun mars bestond geen twijfel:

We marcheren van Sacher Park tot aan de Klaagmuur en lopen iedereen onder de voet die ons probeert tegen te houden of iets wil aandoen.

Men gaat alle winkels en eetgelegenheden af om te kijken of de joodse eigenaren soms “Arabieren” in dienst hebben. Ook joden zelf zijn niet in staat een andere jood zomaar te herkennen, dus men vraagt alle mensen met een donkere huidskleur hoe laat het is. Aan het accent kunnen ze dan horen of ze met een Arabische jood of een Palestijn te maken hebben. Dit heet wel een sjibbolet (een Hebreeuws woord met een Bijbelse oorsprong). Naar verluidt werd in Nederland ooit het woord Scheveningen gebruikt om Duitse infiltranten te ontmaskeren, aangezien Duitsers dat woord niet goed kunnen uitspreken. Maar hier is het dus net andersom. Als nazi’s die op zoek gaan naar mensen die Hoogduits spreken.

Het zal niemand verbazen dat deze gasten ondanks hun grote mond niet op de foto willen. Racisten zijn vaak laf en voelen zich alleen sterk in een collectief. Een foto is juist een moment van bewustwording van de individualiteit en dat voelt niet lekker. Fotografen werden uitgedaagd, belaagd en geslagen. Dit gespuis zit wat dat betreft op een lijn met politie, leger en kolonisten. Hoe wreder het optreden tegenover de Palestijnen, hoe meer jacht er wordt gemaakt op mensen die de officiële Israëlische lezing van gebeurtenissen onderuit kunnen halen. (Lees het hele verslag van Haim Har-Zahav en Niv Hachlili)

De leugen regeert

Vanmorgen kwam Al Jazeera enkele keren met het verhaal dat een Palestijnse vrouw gepoogd had een zelfmoordaanslag te plegen, nadat ze met haar auto was aangehouden voor controle. Hun correspondent in Jeruzalem Mike Hanna maakte er direct een onheilspellend verhaal van over een voorbode van extreem geweld van Palestijnse kant. Hanna is een ervaren journalist, dus het blijft vreemd dat zo iemand na al die jaren nog steeds klakkeloos de Israëlische propaganda overneemt. Het was direct al duidelijk dat de auto geen schade had opgelopen, iets wat eigenlijk niet zou kunnen als je de Israëlische versie hoort. Ze zou uit de auto zijn gestapt waarna de explosieven tot ontploffing werden gebracht, waarbij zijzelf zwaar gewond raakte en een politieman licht gewond. Voordat het explosief afging zou ze nog “Allah Akbar” (God is groot) hebben geroepen.

Maar wat blijkt? Het ging om kortsluiting in het elektrische circuit van de auto. De vrouw was in paniek en werd juist gedwongen in haar auto te blijven, dat is de reden waarom ze gewond raakte. Het was de professionele leugenaar Micky Rosenfeld, woordvoerder van de Israëlische politie, die met zijn perverse fantasieën de persbureaus op het verkeerde been probeerde te zetten. In een nogal onbenullige poging het kletsverhaal kracht bij te zetten werd de auto later beschadigd, zodat Israëlische websites hun racistische achterban verder konden opstoken. (Zie bij Ma’an News en Abu Pessoptimist)

De Amerikaan Denny Cormier, die in de Gazastrook verblijft, vertelt op zijn Facebookpagina iets soortgelijks over wat er in de Gazastrook gebeurt. Israëlische kranten deden het voorkomen of honderden Palestijnen Israël bestormden. Dat was uiteraard om het buitensporige geweld van de soldaten te rechtvaardigen. Maar volgens Cormier was daar helemaal geen sprake van. Palestijnen hielden zich op in de zogenoemde bufferzone, een brede strook vruchtbaar land in de Gazastrook die door Israël tot verboden gebied is bestempeld. Ze waren ver verwijderd van de soldaten en konden met hun stenen niets anders doen dan hun frustratie uiten. De foto’s die daarbij werden gepubliceerd waren uit 2011.

Het wordt nog erger

Alleen al deze maand zijn er honderden Palestijnen opgepaktmeer dan 20 Palestijnen gedood en meer dan 1000 gewond geraakt door Israëlisch geweld. In sommige gevallen ging het om jongeren die op straat werden geëxecuteerd, zonder dat ze ook maar enig gevaar vormden voor wie dan ook.


De 19-jarige Thaer Abu Ghazaleh werd op straat geëxecuteerd nadat hij enkele mensen met een schroevendraaier licht zou hebben verwond. Hij werd niet doodgeschoten toen hij iemand aanviel, dus geen sprake van noodweer. Hij werd ingehaald toen hij wegrende en aan de kogelafdrukken op straat is te zien dat hij al op de grond lag toen hij door zijn hoofd werd geschoten. De tijd heelt niet alle wonden.

Onze media zijn uiteraard niet beter dan Al Jazeera, bijna altijd zelfs veel erger. Zo wordt er maar steeds geschreven dat premier Netanyahu de gemoederen tot bedaren tracht te brengen. De werkelijkheid staat echter opnieuw haaks op het nieuws. Netanyahu is de aanjager van de steeds extremere houding ten opzichte van de Palestijnen. Een massale opstand van Palestijnen zal hem een excuus geven om opnieuw de Gazastrook aan te pakken (de genadeklap?) en de annexatie van Oost-Jeruzalem en de Westelijke Jordaanoever in versneld tempo door te zetten.

Waarschuwing van een ervaringsdeskundige

Eran Efrati is een Israëlische ex-soldaat die vredesactivist is geworden. Hij werkte onder andere als onderzoeker bij Breaking the Silence en is verbonden aan het Russell Tribunal on Palestine. Efrati is gespecialiseerd in hoe het Israëlische leger te werk gaat. Vandaag beschreef hij  hoe hij de afgelopen dagen steeds meer berichten kreeg van soldaten in het Israëlische leger over hoe hun instructies zijn veranderd. De vrijheid om op elke Palestijn te schieten die “er verdacht uitziet” bestond al in de Gazastrook en in delen van de Westelijke Jordaanoever, maar deze licence to kill wordt nu uitgebreid naar heel Israël en bezet Palestina.

Arresteren, aanhouden, praten, het hoeft allemaal niet meer. Gewoon schieten. Wat hij te horen kreeg was dat het toenemende geweld van kolonisten, die vaak zwaarder bewapend zijn dan de Israëlische soldaten zelf, geen goede reclame voor Israël zou zijn. Het zou dus beter zijn indien het leger de kolonisten voor zou zijn en zelf in actie zou komen voordat de kolonisten de kans krijgen.

Efrati vreest een bloedbad, want het publiek zal zoals we zagen geen genoegen nemen met een paar doden. Het leger zal massaal moeten moorden om zowel de kolonisten als het publiek rustig te houden. Een krankzinnige situatie die schreeuwt om internationale interventie. Maar wie durft zijn mond open te doen?

Israeli forces shoot dead 13-year-old Palestinian

An Israeli soldier aims his weapon during clashes with Palestinians following the funeral of a Palestinian man in the center of the West Bank town of al-Khalil (Hebron), October 10, 2015. (Photo by AFP)

An Israeli soldier aims his weapon during clashes with Palestinians following the funeral of a Palestinian man in the center of the West Bank town of al-Khalil (Hebron), October 10, 2015

Israeli forces have gunned down a 13-year-old boy during clashes south of the city of al-Bireh as clashes continue between Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli troops in the occupied West Bank, medics say.

Ahmad Sharaka was shot in the neck with a live round near the city of Ramallah in central West Bank on Sunday, medics said.

Another Palestinian was shot in his leg with live fire during the protest in the al-Balu area of southern Bireh, while another was shot with rubber-coated steel bullets.

Two others reportedly suffered excessive tear gas inhalation.

Israeli bulldozers had reportedly removed large objects in the area, in order to remove cover for Palestinian protesters.

Israel injures 55 Palestine students 

According to other reports from the occupied Palestinian territories on Sunday, at least 20 students were injured, including eight by live ammunition, in Khaddoury College, located in the West Bank city of Tulkarem.

Reports said that one of the wounded students was in critical condition.

In a separate incident on the same day, at least 35 students suffered injuries during clashes with Israeli forces that took place in front of a college of al-Quds University in Abu Dis in East al-Quds.

It was reported that the soldiers fired dozens of rubber-coated steel bullets, live rounds, gas bombs and concussion grenades during the clashes.

There has been growing confrontation between Israelis and Palestinians over the past weeks.

Palestinians gesture toward Israeli soldiers in the West Bank town of Tulkarem, October 8, 2015

The tensions were triggered by the Tel Aviv regime’s imposition on August 26 of sweeping restrictions on entries into the compound of the al-Aqsa Mosque in East al-Quds and Israeli settlers’ repeated stormings of the mosque.

The Palestinian Authority’s Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs said in a statement released on Saturday that Israeli forces have nabbed at least 650 Palestinians since the beginning of October.

On October 8, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Zeid al-Hussein expressed extreme concern over the escalation of tensions in the occupied territories, urging an end to the violence. The official also warned about the rising number of Palestinians being injured by live ammunition, rubber bullets and tear gas used by Israeli forces.

(Source / 11.10.2015)

Gaza under attack

A wounded Palestinian father holds his wounded son’s hand in Al-Shifa hosin Gaza City on October 11, 2015.

A pregnant Palestinian mother and her toddler daughter were killed when an Israeli retaliatory airstrike demolished their home in the northern Gaza Strip, medical sources said. 

(Photo en text of PressTV / video of Facebook / 11.10.2015)