After a Rocket Attack by an Islamic State Group Affiliate, Israel Hits Hamas Targets in Gaza

Israel has gradually began to carry out attacks on Gaza once again.

Israel has gradually began to carry out attacks on Gaza once again
Israel carried out airstrikes on Gaza after an Islamic State group affiliate lanched rockets.
Israeli fighter jets carried out airstrikes on Gaza against Hamas targets Monday morning in response to a rocket fired at Israeli territory, despite the fact an Islamic State-affiliated group claimed responsibility for the attack.

Israel holds Hamas responsible for the attack, retaliating with four airstrikes conducted by F-16 jets; witnesses say drones were also seen circling the airspace.

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According to local reports, the aerial bombing hit a training site in central Gaza of the military wing of the Hamas organization known as the al-Qassam Brigades. However, no reports of casualties were revealed.

The news comes amid escalating violence in Jerusalem and the West Bank after Israeli troops entered the al-Aqsa mosque, a muslim Holy site in East Jerusalem.

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The Israeli military claimed that two rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel Sunday evening, with one of the rockets exploding on the Gazan side of the border. The second rocket, Israeli officials said, exploded in an open area of the Eshkol Regional Council, leaving no injuries or damages.

The Israeli army’s spokesperson, Peter Lerner, confirmed that an air force aircraft had hit a Hamas target in response to Sunday evening's rocket attack.

A Salafist organization in the Gaza strip – the Omar Brigade, which is affiliated with the Islamic State group – claimed responsibility for the rocket fired into Israel. Nonetheless, Israel said it would hold Hamas responsible for any attacks originating in territory under their control.

Last year, Israel carried out a deadly and disproportionate attack on Gaza, killing over 2,500 people, mostly civilians, and destroying tens of thousands of buildings.

(Source / 05.10.2015)

Israeli calls for mass break-ins into al-Aqsa

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Israeli Temple Mount Group called on Israeli settlers to continue their mass break-ins into al-Aqsa Mosque till the end of the week.

The group called for intensifying Israeli break-ins and presence at the compound till Thursday despite the end of Jewish holidays.

According to Jerusalemite analysis, such calls came as part of the Israeli plot to impose a spatial and temporal division at the holy shrine.

Over the past weeks, Israeli settlers have intensified their provocative break-ins into al-Aqsa compound under heavy police protection, raising tension in occupied Jerusalem and West Bank.

The Temple Mount Group is an extreme-right wing group that was organized in 1967 by a former officer in Israeli Occupation Army.

(Source / 05.10.2015)

Palestinian teen killed by Israel army fire

Arab Israeli protesters flash the sign of victory in front of Israeli security forces during a rally in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails on June 27, 2017 in the northern Israeli town of Umm al-Faham. PHOTO: AFP

Arab Israeli protesters flash the sign of victory in front of Israeli security forces during a rally in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails on June 27, 2015 in the northern Israeli town of Umm al-Faham

RAMALLAH, PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES: The Israeli army shot dead a 13-year-old Palestinian during clashes at a refugee camp near Bethlehem on Monday as violence spiked in east Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank, police and emergency services said.

Abdel Rahman Abdullah was struck in the chest by Israeli fire at the Aida refugee camp, the sources said.

He is the second Palestinian killed by Israeli soldiers over the past 24 hours as clashes have spread.

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On Sunday night, an 18-year-old Palestinian was killed during clashes in Tulkarem in the West Bank.

Clashes have spread after two recent attacks killed four Israelis and wounded a two-year-old child. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged “a fight to the death against Palestinian terror” and announced new security measures.

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Palestinian youths throwing stones and firebombs have faced off against Israeli security forces using both live rounds and rubber bullets. Jewish settlers have also clashed with Palestinians.

There have been fears that the sporadic violence could spin out of control, with some warning of the risk of a third Palestinian intifada, or uprising.

(Source / 05.10.2015)

Assad’s Russian-Backed Escalation in Homs Aims to Change its Demography

The Syrian Coalition calls on the United Nations to assume legal, humanitarian and ethical responsibilities towards the tragedy of the Syrian people. It also calls upon the Arab League to condemn the Russian aggression on Syria and to hold an emergency meeting to discuss its implications.

The Syrian Coalition renews condemnation of terrorist acts committed by the Assad regime as well as Russian and Iranian aggression, denouncing the UN lukewarm position on these violations.

“The regime’s latest military escalation in Homs province, backed by Russia and Iran, is designed to complete the plan to empty Homs province of its indigenous population and to execute the “Useful Syria” project undertaken by Iran in Damascus.

Under the pretext of countering ISIS, Russia’s air force struck the towns of Rastan, Talbeesah, Girnata and Um Sharshouh in northern rural Homs, killing and injuring dozens of civilians. Meanwhile, regime forces continue to pound the besieged neighborhood of Waer in Homs with heavy artillery, amid regime’s build-up of troops, including many Iranian and Afghan mercenaries, to what appears to be an attempt to storm the towns of Rastan and Talbeesah.

(Source: Syrian Coalition / 05.10.2015)

Israeli forces shoot, kill Palestinian boy, 13, in Aida refugee camp

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — A 13-year-old Palestinian boy was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers during clashes in Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem on Monday, Palestinian medics told Ma’an.Abed al-Rahman Shadi Obeidallah, was shot near the heart by Israeli forces during clashes in the refugee camp.He was taken in a civilian car to Beit Jala hospital where he immediately underwent surgery. However, doctors later pronounced him dead.The child was initially reported to be 12 years old, although medics later confirmed he was 13.Another teenager was reportedly shot with live fire in the leg during the same clashes and taken to hospital for treatment, locals said.An Israeli army spokeswoman said she was looking into the reports.Overnight Sunday, Israeli forces shot dead a Palestinian teenager during clashes in the northern West Bank village of Bala, east of Tulkarem.Red Crescent officials told Ma’an that 18-year-old Huthayfa Othman Suleiman was shot in the chest during clashes and died in the operating room.The killings follow violent confrontations over the weekend in which the Palestinian Red Crescent documented at least 96 Palestinians who were wounded by live rounds or rubber-coated steel bullets in clashes with Israeli forces and settlers.Overnight Saturday, Fadi Samir Mustafa Alloun, 19, from the East Jerusalem village of al-Issawiya, was shot dead by Israeli forces after allegedly attempting to stab a group of Israelis.The incident took place just hours after another Palestinian was shot dead when he stabbed and possibly opened fire on a family of Israelis at the Old City’s Lion’s Gate.Two Israelis were killed and two others injured, including a two-year-old infant, in the attack.

(Source / 05.10.2015)