Bahrainis fill streets demanding to free Sheikh Ali Salman


Thousands of Bahrainis took to streets today chanting angry slogans ahead of the judgement session of Sheikh Ali Salman, the opposition leader and Secretary General of Al Wefaq National Islamic Society.

A number of large protests marched several villages across the country, whilst Duraz, west of Manama, saw the largest protest which followed the Friday central prayer.

The protesters raised pictures of Sheikh Ali Salman denouncing his trial and demanding his immediate release. Leading clerics in Bahrain issued a joint statement on Wednesday calling for wide demonstrations to call for Salman’s release and acquittal.

“We demand to stop the trial of Sheikh Ali Salman and to release him and declare his acquittal; especially as the merits of conviction are weak and irrelevant, his innocence is unquestionable”, the statement said. The clerics added that his release will “effectively contribute to establishing a phase of openness and understanding towards producing a real resolution which can save this country from its crises.”

The peaceful protests were faced with suffocating tear gas by security forces.

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(Source / 12.06.2015)

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