Al-Zahar: We will hit Israel, if it attacks Gaza

GAZA CITY ( — Dr. Mahmoud al-Zahar, leader of the Hamas movement, said that the Palestinian resistance will defend its people against Israel, in case it launches a new aggression against Gaza.

Al-Zahar stressed that “We are not interested in escalation with Israel, and the Israeli occupation is not interested, too.” “However, we will fit Israel, if it dares attack our people,” said the Hamas leader.

Zahar said that the escalation in the occupied West Bank is clear-cut evidence that resistance is resurrecting there, pointing out that Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank will restore their role in the acts of resistance with means possible.

He held responsibility to the PA for the murdering of three Palestinian fighters in Jenin refugee camp.

He criticized the stance of the PA’s President Mahmoud Abbas, who continues negotiations with Israel and criminalizes the Palestinian resistance factions.

He confirmed that negotiations are such a big treason to the Palestinians, as they are subject to the Israeli atrocities.

Al-Zahar confirmed that the Palestinian people have lost their faith in negotiations.

(Source / 26.03.2014)

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