Syrian Coalition: Iran Tries To Defuse Tension between Assad Regime and Turkey

Louay Safi, spokesman for the Syrian Coalition, said that “Iran is still committed to keeping Assad in power, as it tries to defuse the tension between the Assad regime and Turkey to prevent a direct military confrontation between the two sides after Turkey shot down a Syrian jet fighter near the Syrian-Turkish border.” Safi also said that Iran fears a Nato-led military intervention on the side of Turkey in case a military confrontation broke out between Turkey and the Assad regime. “The Assad regime cannot seal victory in the battlefield without the direct support of terrorist Hezbollah’s militiamen and other foreign militias. It also uses its aerial superiority to weaken opposition-held areas as it does not have enough manpower to prevail on the ground. Hadi Al Bahra, member of the political committee, calls on the international community to neutralize the Assad regime or at least to prevent it from using warplanes and put an end to the indiscriminate aerial bombardment of innocent civilians, using internationally banned weapons such as cluster bombs and explosive barrels. Furthermore, Bahra said that the Assad regime has been killing the Syrian people with its air force and using conventional and non-conventional weapons, and it must be immediately deterred to avoid further loss of life after hundreds of thousands of Syrian civilians lost their lives for the sake of freedom and dignity. In a similar vein, Louay Safi stated that “there is a political battle being fought by the Syrian Coalition. Some Arab countries are still supporting the criminal Assad regime and are trying to hinder giving Syria’s seat in the Arab League to the Syrian Coalition. However, the Syrian Coalition will be present in the Arab summit and its head, Ahmad Jarba, will deliver a speech tomorrow, as we continue our diplomatic, political and military struggle on all fronts to defeat the Assad regime.”
(Source: Syrian Coalition / 25.03.2014)

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