Syrian Coalition: FSA Consecutive Gains Will Yield Important Results

Khalid Saleh, head of the Media Office, said that “the gains made by the opposition fighters in Latakia province, especially the capture of the Kassab border crossing and the 45th observatory, are a military victory that will have important results during the next stage.” Regime forces use the 45th observatory to launch bombs into civilian areas in Mount Turkman.” Saleh also said that “we carefully follow the news coming from Aleppo, where the FSA has been advancing on regime forces in the north and center of the city, in addition to the successive victories in Dara’a province. We renew our confidence in all the revolutionary forces that defend civilians and are committed to the principles of the revolution all across Syria, most notably the FSA battalions in al-Hasakah province for standing against the crimes committed by ISIS.” Saleh concluded his remarks stressing that “FSA fighters continue to prove their unshakable resolve that they are able to achieve victories. They also demonstrate that they are determined to liberate Syria while staying true to the principals of the revolution by defending Syrian citizens against Assad’s crimes and crimes of extremist groups.”
(Source: Syrian Coalition / 24.03.2014)

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