End security coordination: PFLP demands action on eighth anniversary of the abduction of Sa’adat


000001The Popular Front demands the Palestinian Authority end security coordination with the occupation and be held accountable for the crime of arresting Comrade Sa’adat and their comrades and work for their freedom

To the heroic masses of our people:

On March 14, 2006, the Zionist enemy’s military forces stormed Jericho cetral prison and kidnapped Comrade General Secretary Ahmad Sa’adat and his comrades, Ahed Abu Ghoulmeh, Majdi Rimawi, Hamdi Qur’an and Basil al-Asmar, and along with them, the struggler Fouad Shubaki, who were under the monitoring and so-called “protection” of U.S. and British troops.

The crime of the abduction of Comrade Sa’adat and his comrades, accused of the assassination of the racist Zionist tourism minister Rehavam Zeevi in response to the assassination of Comrade Abu Ali Mustafa has dimensions beyond the event itself. The Zionist enemy, in collusion with the countries providing “protection” forces to the Jericho prison, sought to arrest the idea itself of the resistance and sought to use this to liquidate the resistance.

However, the vigorous and challenging position of the General Secretary, reported by the international media at the time of his kidnapping, followed by his refusal to recognize the legitimacy of the enemy’s military courts and upholding our people’s right to resist the occupation, confronted and confounded these efforts.

He challenged the oppression of prison and continued to take up his leadership role as General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. The enemy sought to confuse and weaken the Popular Front through the arrest of Ahmad Sa’adat and the assassination of former General Secretary Abu Ali Mustafa, but the Front proved to be unbreakable, able to protect itself and preserve its key role in the context of the Palestinian national movement. The valiant fighters, the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, pledge to keep their hands on the trigger and pursue the enemy everywhere in the land of Palestine.

To the steadfast masses of our people, the anniversary of the arrest of General Secretary Sa’adat and his comrades raises once more the grave realities of security agreements signed by the enemy, which led to Sa’adat’s arrest and imprisonment. It also raises the critical issue of the ongoing and continuing security coordination with the enemy which seeks to stop the resistance and to pursue the freedom fighters of our people for arrest and assassination. We have seen this with the martyrs, Comrades Moataz Washahe and Saji Darwish and other martyrs before and after them. The Authority bears responsibility for enabling the enemy to do so, either through their inability to confront, or by facilitating through security coordination. Security coordination must end. It has devastating consequences. It is time to end the commitment to these agreements, end the negotiations with the enemy, and instead, respond to calls to build a national strategy to achieve the rights of our people, to adopt all means of resistance to achieve them, and to rebuild national unity.

In this same context, we demand that the Authority take responsibility and act to address its crime of the arrest of the General Secretary and his comrades and insist upon their release, especially as they were kidnapped with brother Fouad Shubaki from a Palestinian Authority prison, despite the fact that the Palestinian courts had acquitted Comrade Sa’adat and ordered his release, as well as the fact that he holds a Palestinian national leadership position and is a member of the Legislative Council. We also demand they work for the freedom of all prisoners in Israeli jails and to escalate the Palestinian prisoners’ cause at the international levels, particularly in the United Nations and its relevant bodies, while providing support for all mass movements and international solidarity movements that work for the release of all of the captives in the occupation’s prisons.

Shame upon everyone who contributed to the arrest of Comrade Sa’adat and his comrades, and salutes to all who support the General Secretary and his comrades, and to all of the prisoners in Israeli jails. We pledge to ontinue to make every effort in order to achieve their freedom.

(Source / 15.03.2014)

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