Syrian Coalition: Assad Regime’s Exchange of Nuns for Women and Children Exposes the Lies They Told During Geneva Talks

Hisham Marwa, member of the legal committee, demands special protection for the released nuns and holds the Assad regime responsible for their safety after the systematic provocation by the regime-owned media against the nuns who declined to make statements synonymous with the regime’s narrative. “The regime’s swapping of the detained children and women inside its prisons for the nuns lays bare its claims about protecting of minorities on the one hand, and exposes its political maneuvers on the other, as it repeatedly denied during Geneva II talks it detain Syrian women,” Marwa stresses. Marwa also said that “this prisoner exchange indicates that the Assad regime is indifferent to the protection of minorities or the majority alike. The regime’s only concern is using all components of Syrian society as political cards to cling to power.” The nun’s affirmation that they were treated well stands in stark contrast to compelling evidence of Assad’s brutality, especially the thousands of leaked photos of torture victims in Assad’s prison. “All this confirms to the international community that the most dangerous and terrorist threat to the security of the region is the Assad regime.” Marwa concluded his remarks stressing that the Syrian Coalition “does not accept kidnapping of civilians from any side, a tactic that the Assad regime has been using since the early days of the revolution.”
(Source: Syrian Coalition / 12.03.2014)

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