Syrian Coalition: Assad regime Derides Geneva II through its Intention to Negotiate with the “National Progressive” Front

Nora Al Ameer, vice president of the Syrian Coalition, said that the Assad regime insists on following a military solution to suppress the popular uprising. “The insistence on using the military option to deal with the revolution is typical of all dictators. I think it became clear to the international community that the regime’s talk about a political solution is nothing more than a publicity gimmick that seeks to cover up the massacres committed against the Syrian people,” Al Ameer’s statement came in response to remarks made by Walid Al Moalem, who said that “If the UN special envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi resigns his mission, our focus will be on achieving military gains in parallel with holding dialogue with the National Progressive Front and the national opposition.” Al Ameer described Moalem’s statements as “blind, exclusive and deliberately ignore the reality of the Syrian revolution with the aim of achieving certain political agendas for some foreign sides that Assad has imported to assist him in killing the Syrian people. These statements, through which the Assad regime announced it will negotiate with itself, show outright contempt of Geneva II and its sponsors as well as lack of seriousness to reach a political solution.” Furthermore, Al Ameer said that “the UN special envoy Lakhdar Brahimi held the Assad regime full responsibility for the failure of the Geneva II negotiations proves that when we went to Geneva II, we went in good faith to save the lives of the Syrian people through the formation of a transitional governing body without Assad and based on the terms of Geneva I. The delegation of the Assad regime refused to discuss the agenda presented by Lakhdar Brahimi.” Al Ameer concluded her remarks stressing that “we do not seek to assume power through Geneva II, but we came to Geneva II in order to establish a democratic rule. According to the internal system of the Syrian Coalition, we cannot assume any executive powers in the first transitional governing body that will be agreed upon through negotiations.”
(Source: Syrian Coalition / 06.03.2014)

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