Egyptian lawyer to file lawsuit demanding the banning of Israeli activities in Egyp

Ilan Chaim GrabelUS-born Ilan Chaim Grabel are amongst the Israeli spy’s arrested in Egypt in June 2013

Hamid Seddik, an Egyptian legal expert, said in a press statement that he would file a lawsuit at the Court of Urgent Matters, which banned Hamas this week, demanding the banning of all Israeli activities in Egypt and closing down its embassy.

On Tuesday, the same court issued a verdict banning all Hamas activities in Egypt, and closing down its headquarters.

“If the Court of Urgent Matters declines the lawsuit, I will submit it to the Administrative Court,” Seddik said.

He pointed out that he will cite Israel’s “espionage” activities against Egypt, including the latest case involving Israeli spies.

The Egyptian Higher State Security Prosecution announced on February 2 the referral of an “Israeli espionage network” to court. The network, according to the prosecution’s statement, is made up of 3 Egyptians, two Israelis, and four officers affiliated with the Israeli Military Intelligence apparatus. All Israeli defendants are at large.

(Source / 05.03.2014)

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