Syrian Coalition Welcomes the Formation of the Syrian National Turkmen Party

Fayez Sarah, member of the Political Committee, welcomes the formation of the Syrian National Turkmen Party, during a conference held by the General Assembly. “The formation of such parties enriches the democratic process in future Syria,” Sarah said. Mohammed Wajeeh Juma’a, the party’s chairman, said that “this party is composed of Syrians who recognize the rights of Turkmens in Syria. It aims to revive and activate the Turkmen’s role in building a state of justice and equity. It will also work on preserving the unity and integrity of Syria’s territory.” He also said that “the formation of the party stems from the grievances and aspirations of all Syrian Turkmen to define the objectives and principles and develop the plans and programs to topple the Assad regime. After we are victorious, there will be no injustice to any Turkmen nor diminution of their rights, as the party believes that the people’s demands are as a basis for his work. Human rights and the rights of citizenship will be the basis for the next constitution.” Wiesel Dalmaz, the Turkish custodian of Syrians in Turkey, said that “all sects and ethnic components of this region have co-lived for more than 1,000 years. Turkey does not have any ambitions in Syria and has always stood with the Syrian people and will remain so in spite of all the difficulties we are facing.” He also said “that the streets of Syria today have become targets for barrel bombs. Hundreds of families have been flocking to the Syrian-Turkish borders. The streets are completely empty, and all that remains are ghost towns. The Free Syrian Army fought against Assad’s forces, but now the Assad regime has replaced his troops with external terrorist militias such as Hezbollah, ISIS and the PYD.” Juma’a defines the political vision of the party as “based on several points, namely “the Syrian Turkmen are an integral part of the fabric of Syrian society. The Turkmen’s national identity is complementary to their national identity. They have the right to officially speak their own language and practice their customs and traditions and to hold educational conventions and cultural relations with Turkish nationals outside Syria to serve the interests of the Turkmen people, and in way that does not collide with Syria’s national interests.” Moreover, the party stresses that Syria “is the final home for all Syrians. Therefore, any launch a separatist or sectarian or divisive calls are unacceptable whatever the motives. We also see the principle of citizenship is the foundation that connects citizens to their homeland and to each other. We emphasizes the building of a state based on the separation of powers, the independence of the judiciary, and the right to participate in public affairs for all citizens, the people are the source of legitimacy and all authorities, respect for human rights, protection of freedom of thought and expression, and freedom of the press and.” The party also emphasizes the need for “the existence of a national body for the transitional justice, reconciliation, ending grievances, holding accountable those involved in human rights violations and revealing the fate of the missing. The party also seeks to “adopt a national strategy for restoring the role of the woman all their rights. It also aims to build a modern economic system based on the balance between economic freedom and keeping the role of the state in economic life.”
(Source: Syrian Coalition / 02.03.2014)

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