Syrian Coalition: Temporary Resignations are Attempts to Express Personal Views

Farouk Tayfur, vice president of the Syrian Coalition said that “the resignations of some Coalition members are temporary and an attempt to express their personal views towards the results of the presidential elections held by the General Assembly.  Tayfur added that “mass resignations are illegal, as the real resignations must be submitted individually and directly to the Coalition. Only five resignations can be considered legal.” Tayfur denied that the subject of participation in Geneva II was the reason for the resignation of some members. “Our attitude towards participation in the conference has not changed and is clear, that Geneva II must be based on Geneva I Communique,” he stressed. Tayfur also said that “the Syrian Coalition will meet the Friends of Syria Group on January 12th in Paris, and will visit Moscow before January 17th to explore the Russians’ attitudes towards the conference. Our decision towards participation in the conference will be based on those talks.” Tayfur called on those who withdrew to be present in the next General Assembly meeting. “If you they do not respond, then the components they belong to must send substitutes for them to attend the meetings.” Tayfur lampooned statements made by the regime’s Minister of Information. “He is not a political element in the structure of the regime. He is even politically and legally uninformed, and is making such statements to explore the political reactions of the other sides, he said. Tayfur points out that the invitation sent by the UN Secretary General to the Syrian Coalition to attend the conference stated clearly and explicitly that “the conference must be based on the terms of Geneva I, which is the formation of transitional ruling body with full authority, including over the military and security apparatuses.”
(Source: Syrian Coalition / 08.01.2014)

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