Human rights report: There are 26 disabled Palestinians held in Israeli jails


RAMALLAH, AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– A Palestinian Human Rights Center considered Israel’s continued arrest of the disabled Palestinians as “contrary to the most basic international norms and conventions that condemn the attack on people with special needs.”

Palestinian Prisoners Center for Studies said in a report, on the occasion of the International Day of Disabled Persons which falls on the 3rd of December, that the occupation is detaining in its jails 26 Palestinians suffering from physical or psychological disabilities, and does not provide them with any treatment, which exposes them to slow death.

The center pointed out that many prisoners have sustained disabilities due to the cruel and forbidden means of torture they were exposed to in Israeli jails. It cited the example of captive Louay Al Ashqar, aged 35 from Tulkarem, who has become paralyzed in his left leg, after being tortured in the Jalama interrogation center. He was released and then re-arrested three other times in spite of his disability.

It added that the occupation does not hesitate to arrest citizens with disabilities, expose them to torture and hold them in harsh conditions, which exacerbate their suffering and their illnesses.

The center stated that the deliberate policy of medical neglect adopted by the prison administration against the prisoners had caused some of them permanent or temporary disabilities.

Meanwhile, the family of Palestinian captive Iyad Abu Nasser, aged 30 from Gaza, appealed to the Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs and institutions working in this field to visit its detained son to check on his health condition which has deteriorated in recent weeks.

According to the family, Abu Naser suffers from severe pain in the head, chest and abdomen, as a result of the medical negligence and the failure of a surgery in the abdomen he had undergone twice at Assaf Harofeh hospital.

In another issue, a report issued by the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) on Tuesday revealed that the Israeli occupation authorities arrested during last month 110 citizens, including 25 patients, 30 children, 25 students and two girls in al-Khalil south of the West Bank.

During the campaign of arrests, the Israeli soldiers attacked the detainees and their families’ members, after searching their homes and stealing their money, the PPS added.

(Source / 03.12.2013)

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