Syrian Coalition: The suffering of the Syrians lies in the survival of Assad

The Syrian Coalition called on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities towards the Syrian people inside and outside the country and increase “aid to the refugees and the host countries,” adding that the first cause of human suffering the Syrians are experiencing is the”survival of the tyrant Bashar in power.” The Syrian Coalition pointed out in a statement that “the sinking of five Syrians while trying to escape to a safe haven,” was caused by the oppression practiced by the Assad regime against them. The Syrian Coalition stated that “the number of refugees registered with the United Nations exceeded three million in the Middle East alone, let alone the refugees who are waiting registration.” The Syrian Coalition set up an Emergency Committee to follow up and address the situation of Syrian refugees fleeing Kalamoon near the Lebanese border. The Committee’s task will be receiving, packaging and delivery of humanitarian aid and distributing it to the Syrian refugees as well as securing the urgent needs of housing, education, health and food according to a plan established by the Committee based on factual data and the current need.
(Source: Syrian Coalition / 02.12.2013)
Russian Officers Fighting alongside Assad Regime against the Syrian People
Revolutionaries of Aleppo published a picture of a Russian officer who was killed while fighting with the Assad regime, which proves the involvement of Russian military in the fighting in Syria. Aleppo’s Media Center published a photo of the identity card of a Russian officer who was killed while fighting on the side of regime forces in the town of Sokhna in the southern rural Aleppo. Badr Aldin Jamous, the Secretary General of the Syrian Coalition, did not show surprise by comments made yesterday by the Prime Minister of the Assad regime, who considered the agreement with Western countries on the Iranian nuclear file “a victory for the Syrian people.” Jamous pointed out that this statement “fits the reality of the actual relationship between the two regimes, where the Assad regime is an integral part of the militias of Iran, the mullahs and Abu al Fadl al Abbas.” The Secretary General added that “when we consider the exchange of prisoners from the Assad regime, we note that it always swapped Syrian prisoners with Iranians or prisoners belonging to the terrorist militias of Hezbollah.” Jamous added that the Assad regime has repeatedly refused to “swap prisoners from officers of the regular army and even Alawites prisoners with Syrian rebels, which not only indicates its lack of national sense but also works in favor of Iran whose forces are occupying Syria.” Furthermore, Jamous derided Iran’s description of backing off on its nuclear program as a victory, saying that “Iran’s giving up of enriching of uranium, for which it starved its people, in order to hold power, does not differ from Assad’s waiver of Syria’s chemical weapons.”
(Source: Syrian Coalition / 02.12.2013)

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