Tamarod turns against Egypt’s ruling regime

Person signing the Tamarod petition prior to the coupThe petition organised by the Tamarod movement is said to have been an instrumental factor in the military’s decision to stage coup against the country’s first elected President

Egypt’s Tamarod movement has denounced the Ministry of Interior for attacking a vigil the movement organized in memory of the Mohamed Mahmoud victims. The Ministry claimed that the vigil was organised by members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Tamarod movement’s branch in Alexandria said via their Facebook page: “The Ministry of Interior is a group of thugs… The movement’s members who have been arrested without reason are released… The arbitrary arrest followed false accusations that the protest was organized by members of the Muslim Brotherhood… The incident will not go unnoticed… The protest is organized by Tamarod-Alexandria, the Free Egyptians Party, the Egyptian Popular Current, the 6th of April Movement and the Democratic Front and did not include the Muslim Brotherhood. We thank the Ministry’s General who insulted us with the most heinous of names. Those who attacked the peaceful vigil were soldiers from the army and police. There were two navy vehicles and two police armoured vehicles. They did not even try to talk to us… The minute they disembarked from their vehicles they started shooting cartridges in the air. The soldiers hit us with sticks and dispersed the vigil. The repressive state regime is back.”

(Source / 19.11.2013)

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