lives was taken away :(

Another innocent lives  was

taken last night

By the hands of

the occupiers

Hebron & Bethlehem

In the evening

maybe walking

home, but to reach

home they need to

go through checkpoints

They did not

expect their

lives shall

end .

They shot because

they Palestinian

Palestinian Mothers

mourn for their


They won’t be walking

through the front door,

Won’t be in room,

His bed would  be


His mother can’t

call his name

because she won’t

get an answer

His space is empty

and nobody shall

replace him

He won’t be updating

facebook, twitter

his mother would

walk pass his room

he won’t be sitting

by his computer,

or playing with his,


His friends won’t

be getting a call

seeing his name appearing

No updates from him

Why, did these occupies

take his life, Why, Why,Why?

RIP to the Martyrs

(Source / 08.11.2013)

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