The denial of the right of return is responsible for the shipwreck of hundreds of Palestinian refugees at sea

245678_345x230Those who have denied of the right of return to our displaced people are responsible for the sinking of a ship carrying hundreds of Palestinian  refugees at sea near Malta, said the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine on October 14, 2013. The denial of the Palestinian people of their right of return to the homes from which they were displaced by Zionist forces and the occupation state is the fundamental cause of yesterday’s tragic suffering and the ongoing plight of Palestinian refugees. Numerous Palestinian refugees are missing at sea; their ship sunk as they were migrating and seeking safety, and millions are daily suffering, their human rights violated, harassed and oppressed by the occupation. The entire international community which supports this continuing injustice is complicit in the this tragedy and the catastrophe that has befallen the Palestinian people since 1948.

The Front expressed its deepest pain and sorrow at the loss of the sons and daughters of our people, innocents lost at sea, and expressed its deepest condolences to their families. There is no solution for our people, struggling to survive everywhere in diaspora and exile, but unity, solidarity, and upholding the rights of our people to return, liberation and self-determination. We must all stand united to confront this situation and bring about justice, for which so many have paid a deep price in blood, pain, and national and human rights on a daily basis.

(Source / 16.10.2013)

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