International Solidarity Movement


The 8th year conference of popular resistance in Palestine

Bil’in – Ramallah from Oct the 2nd until Oct the 4th 2013

FIRST DAY Wednesday 2nd of Oct


Registration 9:00am – 9:30am

9:30am Inauguration, M.C welcoming and announcement the start the conference

[7 minutes each]

  • The Popular Committee in Bil’in
  • The Prime Minister- Rami Hamdallah
  • Mr. Mahmoud Aloul: Member of Fateh Central Committee
  • Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi: Representative of the Initiative Movement
  • International  Palestinian allies
  • The Popular Committees in Palestine
  • Jerusalem activists

10:30am Break & preparation for the second round of the opening

11:00am An open meeting: “The Popular Resistance in light of the political movement” Mr. Jameel Bargouhti – 90 minutes

Presentations by the Palestinian political forces about their different visions , followed with open discussion .

[5 minutes each]

  • Fateh National  Movement representative  Dr. Mohamad Shtaya
  • The Popular Front representative
  • The  Democratic Front representative  Mr. Tayseer Khalid
  • The  Initiative Movement representative Dr. Mustafa Barghouti
  • The Palestine Liberation Front ( PLF ) representative Mrs. Khalida Jarar
  • The representative of the Popular Committees in Palestine

14:00am Lunch break 2 hours 


Group A

How can we rise with the Popular Resistance in Palestine as part of the vision and broaden the participation with better coordination among the committees and activists.

Group B

How can we reactivate and develop the impact of the Palestinian International Allies to be more effective in exercising pressure on the Israeli government.

 Group C

How could we assure the continuity of the popular resistance in light of the political movement.

Group D

How can we protect the activists and the popular struggle committees against the Israeli occupation ?

SECOND DAY 3rd of Oct 2013 Thursday

Special event.  It will be announced and coordinated on Thursday morning before setting off from the conference site in Bil’in

THIRD DAY 4th of October 2013 – Friday

Central march in Bil’in

(Source / 01.10.2013)

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