We are all Muslim Brothers

This week, an Egyptian court issued a hasty decision, banning the Muslim Brotherhood, the largest Islamic movement in the Arab world.

The decision, utterly devoid of any modicum of legality or justice, immensely pleased the enemies of Islam in the Arab world, including Communists, Christian Copts, anti-Islam secularists as well as the decadent Sheikhs and emirs in Arabia and the Gulf, who are displaying spasmodic allergy to any true Islamic authority that would hold them accountable for their scandalous debauchery, treason and manifestly promiscuous behavior.

The Egyptian justice system, we all know, doesn’t have the dignity of a toilet paper. It remained utterly silent for decades of oppression and tyranny during the reigns of Nasser, Sadat and Mubarak.

During this dark era, thousands of political opponents were imprisoned or summarily executed, such as Sayyed Qutb, one of the greatest Islamic intellectuals in the 20th century. A witch hunt was also launched against anyone and everyone who dared show a gesture of dissatisfaction with the Pharaoh, the mini- god.

The conspicuous absence of any semblance of justice, or even civility, during all these years was made possible, thanks to a pornographically dishonest media which lied as often as it breathed the oxygen of life.

It was also due to this tyranny that Egypt remained a shockingly primitive country, even unable to feed its own people. The ignorant military, which held all the reins, took all the decisions and controlled all the money simply killed the spirit of innovation, production and creativity in the average Egyptian citizen.

Those dignified Egyptians who couldn’t take anymore, simply left the country to seek a new life in North America or Australia or elsewhere.

Modus operandi of lying

As a journalist with nearly 40 years of experience, I can attest that I am yet to find a single example of any other media in the world that would be even remotely comparable to the Egyptian media with regard to its wanton disregard of truth.

Indicting examples are counted not in the hundreds or thousands, but rather in the hundreds of thousands or millions. When the Egyptian media reports a lie-free story, it is usually an exception, not the standard.

Unfortunately, the same thing, more or less, applies to the Egyptian justice system.

Many Egyptians normally pride themselves on the purported transparency and fairness of their courts. But this is very much like a sleazy whore giving a lecture celebrating her chastity and morality. I know the analogy may look stark and audacious. But the almost total bankruptcy of the Egyptian justice system makes any analogy quite reasonable.

Ask Tahani Gabali about the Egyptian Judicial system and she will tell you it is the best in the world. In an interview with the New York Times in 2012, Judge Tahani Gabali, deputy president of the Supreme Constitutional Court , admitted she had assisted the Egyptian armed forces – the executive branch – in drafting constitutional provisions that would guarantee the military’s ability to intervene in domestic politics.

She also advised the ruling military council to indefinitely postpone parliamentary elections. “I knew the elections would bring an [Islamist] majority,” she said by way of explanation.

Eventually, the courts, which had less dignity than a house of ill-repute, annulled the democratically-elected parliament, citing procedural and technical errors. Of course, the real reason was the fierce opposition of many of the judges to true democracy, especially if and when the ballot boxes bring the Islamists to power.

Then the same “justice” system annulled the Shura council and then the constitution itself, passed by a two-third majority.

Ultimately, the episode of election-annulment ended up with the bloody military coup against the only democratically-elected president Egypt had ever had in 7000 years. We all know the rest of the story.

I am not a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. I have never been and I probably will never be a member of the group. However, I find the decision to ban one of the greatest Islamic movements in history as reflecting the moral crisis facing the enemies of Islam in Egypt.

Indeed, had these corrupt, Pharaonic-minded people had any semblance of rectitude and credibility, they would have sought to beat the MB at the free market of ideas.

Indeed these bankrupt elements would arguably have a fair chance to beat the Islamists, if only by besmirching their image, given the immense propaganda machine at the anti-Islamist camp’s disposal. But these stupid idiots were never sure they would win in a public showdown of ideas with the Islamists.

The decision to ban the Ikhwan in Egypt will only be relevant as long the current fascist junta, headed by Abdul Fattah Sisi, remains in power, thanks mainly to Saudi Petrodollars and behind-the-scene support from Israel and the American Jewish lobby.

Otherwise, the decision will not have the slightest effect on Islamists as practicing Islam doesn’t need approval from any earthly body.

Gamal Abdul Nasser tried it and failed. Anwar el-Sadat tried and failed. And Husni Mubarak tried it and failed. And this sleazy, thoughtless ignoramus, Sisis, will also fail.

Eventually, he will find himself in the dust bin of history.

Who ever thought that Abu Lahab and Abu Jahl wouldn’t have late-time fans in Egypt and even in Arabia itself?

(Source / 26.09.2013)

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