Hebron tonight 22.09.2013

RT; @IsmPalestine Israeli soldiers have just taken at least 100 Palestinian men into a building by checkpoint 29 in #Hebron #Palestine

All exits & entrances to Hebron are now closed. The Israeli Military have issued a curfew & Hebron University will be closed tomorrow

IDF terror soldier killed in Hebron is Sergeant Gabriel Kobi, 20, from Tirat Hacarmel

Reports- 2 Palestinians killed, 50 injured in clashes with #IDF in Hebron after soldier shot dead. This violence risks a deterioration.

@AJEnglish: Israeli soldier killed in Hebron shooting http://aje.me/1ag70wp ”now see how many Palestinians would b shot.care 4 their blood?

#Hebron Online: #IOF militants are raiding Tareq Bin Ziad School. It seems that they want to position on its roof.

#BREAKING | Man named Mohammed was hit in the neck with a stun grenade in ongoing clashes #Hebron and was taken to hospital | v.@PAL_1948

AlKhaleel Online: #IOF broke the doors of the hosue of Majed AbuRmooz and is raiding the house now #Hebron

Hebron. Some reports saying nearly 200 Palestinian youths detained by Israeli Occupation Forces so far tonight.

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well, whoever (settler?) shot #IDF soldier -mission accomplished. More violence/arrests against Palestinians!

#NOW in #Hebron, medical aid obstructed to a woman giving birth. Same policies caused 36 babies to die at checkpoints

#IOF are detaining more than 250 Palestinians in #Hebron right now, at least 40 are arrested v @pal_1948

YAS: Settlers from #KiryatArba are attacking and throwing rocks at the houses of Abu-Asaifan family in Wad El-Hasin area #Hebron

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