Jordan Warns of Worsening Humanitarian Situation in Syria


Geneva – Jordan on Wednesday warned of the worsening humanitarian situation in Syria and stressed that there is no humanitarian solution to the political crisis there, but a political solution.
Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh told a meeting in Geneva with his counterparts from countries neighboring Syria that the Syria crisis is very serious and may trigger further and massive waves of refugees to Syria’s neighbors.
During the meeting dedicated to discussing the refugees issue in Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and Iraq, Judeh handed the participants a detailed report outlining pressures and burdens borne by Jordan and its economy because of the massive influx of refugees on its territory.
He said Jordan is already undergoing major economic challenges and called on the international community to assist and support countries hosting Syrian refugees.
At a press conference with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres, the minister warned of the serious developments in Syria and their repercussions on countries hosting Syrian refugees especially Jordan, stressing the need for concerted international efforts more than ever to help these countries deal with this situation.
He called for preparing well for an expanded international meeting of the Executive Body of the High Commissioner for Refugees at the end of the current month to mobilize sustained institutional support to countries hosting Syrian refugees.
Following the meeting, the participants issued a statement appealing to the international community to overcome differences and work together to stop the fighting and violence in Syria.
(Source / 05.09.2013)

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