Social media activists to stage ‘Campaign Against Negotiations with Occupation’

Gaza, Alray – Dozens of social media activists from Palestine and Arab nations are staging a campaign on Friday against the negotiations between the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah and Israeli occupation.

A statement released on Tuesday by the organizers of the campaign said “we are launching the Electronic Day against Negotiations with the Israeli Occupation to raise the voice of the Palestinian street, and of a large segment of the Palestinian people rejecting the concept of negotiations with the occupiers,”

The activists stressed that this campaign seeks to unify efforts in opposition to the path of negotiations which had negatively affected the Palestinian cause, noting that “it does not target individuals or factions, but seeks to mobilize everybody saying “No to Negotiations,”

The statement explained that “the move is decided after calls raised by Palestinian youth activists, and after earlier successful campaigns like ‘E-Day of Action in Support of Prisoners and Detainees on Hunger Strike’.

It added that any updates will be announced on the Blog E-Day Against Negotiations,” where the participants are guided on how to join the campaign.

(Source / 04.09.2013)

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