Hamas opposes military action in Syria

A U.S. Warship in the MediterraneanA U.S. Warship in the Mediterranean

Gaza, Alray – Islamic Resistance Movement-Hamas stressed Tuesday on its principle-based stance of opposition to any aggression or foreign military intervention in Syria.

The movement said in a statement Sunday “we condemned and continue to condemn the hideous massacres the Syrian people subjected to for more a half and two years, particularly the recent chemical attack against Gota which broke our hearts and the hearts of all humanity,”

“We reiterate our firm support of the brotherly Syrian people and of their right to live in freedom and dignity, at a time, we emphasize our principled position of refusal to any aggression or foreign military intervention in Syria or any Arab and Islamic countries.”

U.S. President Barack Obama announced on Saturday evening a military strike against the Syrian regime because of the massacre carried out in the Gota weeks ago by using chemical weapons left dead more than 1,400 Syrian and wounded thousands.

(Source / 03.09.2013)

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