Protesters in West Bank urge Palestinian Authority to halt talks with ‎Israel

“Authority to end talks with Israel after the killing of 3 Palestinians in Qalandya last week. In Ramallah, Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has organized a rally to pressure the Palestinian Authority to bring Israel to the International Criminal Court.”

Palestinians have rallied in Ramallah to urge the Palestinian Authority to end negotiations with Israel. This after Israeli forces raided Qalandya camp and killed 3 Palestinians last week. The demonstration, organized by Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, was held outside of Jamil Abdul Nasser Mosque in the centre of Ramallah. The protesters also urged Palestinian Authority to hold Israel responsible for the killings. The protesters were surrounded by Palestinian Authority security forces. The security forces reportedly threatened to crackdown on protesters if they would not disperse in 20 minutes.

Hamas chief in the West Bank says Palestinians need to remember the rights of the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails and the Israeli occupation attempts to Judaize Jerusalem al-Quds and Al Aqsa Mosque.

Abu Kweik further stated that the Palestinians will continue to protest for their rights and to pressurize the Palestinian Authority to halt negotiations and trying Israel at the international Criminal Court for their countless crimes against the Palestinian people.

Palestinian factions organized demonstrations throughout the West Bank in Hebron al Khalil, Bilin, Bethlehem and Nablus to send a unified message to end the negotiations and demand the release of all Palestinian prisoners being held in Israeli jails, the right of the return for over 6 million Palestinian refugees and to put an end to the judaization of Jerusalem al Quds by the Israeli occupation.

Hamas along with other Palestinian factions has urged Palestinian Authority to end its so-called peace talks with Israel. They have also condemned Israeli human rights abuses including the murder of three martyrs from this camp. Nel Burden, Press TV, Occupied Qalandya Camp,Ramallah.

(Source / 31.08.2013)

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