Islamic Movement inside (Israel) rejects military intervention in Syria‎

One of the Syrian neighborhoodsOne of the Syrian neighborhoods

Gaza, Alray – The Islamic Movement in pre-1948 Palestine rejected military intervention in Syria, saying this path will not help the Syrian people to achieve his revolutionary objectives of freedom and dignity.

The movement said Saturday in a statement “the innocent Syrian people, still suffering two and a half years of the brutality of the Syrian regime and remain, would be the most affected party by the consequences of the any catastrophic airstrike,”

“Assad’s regime is fully responsible for aborting any peaceful solution that gives hope to the Syrian people to achieve a state where freedom, and dignity, and justice prevail,”

The responsibility of the Arab countries is to support the Syrian people’s revolution in achieving its goals of freedom, dignity and justice is, not to endorse a military strike.

We as a principled Palestinian movement are committed to support the peoples oppressed by the tyrannies, whether in Palestine, Egypt, Syria or anywhere in the world no matter how decoratively misleading the propagandas of these systems are.

(Source / 31.08.2013)

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