Palestinian factions: No one is authorized to waive right of return



GAZA, (PIC)– Palestinian national and Islamic factions and popular committees have disowned on Thursday PA president Mahmoud Abbas’ statement in which he waived the right of return.

Different Palestinian national and Islamic bodies organized a sit-in outside the PLO Department of Refugee Affairs headquarters northern Gaza Strip, where they stressed their adherence to the right of return.

The participants held banners reading “the right of return is a sacred right, individually and collectively, under which there is no statute of limitations”.

Head of the Popular Committee for Refugees Affairs in northern Gaza stated that waiving the right of return is a betrayal to the Palestinian cause and people.

He stressed that the Palestinian people are not committed to any agreement signed by Abbas in which he waives their legitimate rights. The continued negotiations with the occupier are only a waste of time and effort, he added.

Abbas and his negotiating team do not represent anyone of the Palestinian people, he said, calling on the PLO to bear its responsibilities towards the Palestinian right of return.

(Source / 29.08.2013)

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