Israel extends administrative detention of Atabish and prof. Shannar

Ayman Atabish, on hunger strike since May 23, 2013

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The Israeli military prosecutor’s office issued a four-month extension of the administrative detention of prisoner Ayman Atabish, who has been on hunger strike since May 23.

Palestinian human rights sources said the Israeli prosecutor ignored the difficult health condition of prisoner Atabish and extended his detention with no reason.

Prisoner Atabish is detained in Kaplan hospital along with his fellow hunger striker Adel Hureibat

For its part, the Israeli military commandership in the West Bank on Wednesday extended for four months the administrative detention of social science professor Mustafa Shannar, who works as a lecturer at Al-Najah university in Nablus, according to Tadamun foundation for human rights.

The foundation said that professor Shannar suffers from a serious heart condition and was transferred to Afula hospital two months ago after suffering two heart attacks.

The Israeli occupation forces kidnapped Shannar on April 30 from his house in Nablus and since then he has been in administrative detention with no guilt or trial.

Administrative prisoner Mohamed Najah, a professor at Al-Najah university, had also received a few days earlier a three-month extension of his detention.

The administrative detention is a punitive measure used by the Israeli military to hold prisoners indefinitely at the pretext of possessing secret information against them without charging them or allowing them to stand trial.

The Palestinians have been subjected to administrative detention since the beginning of the Israeli occupation in 1967 and before that time, under the British military mandate.

(SourceĀ / 29.08.2013)

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